Your Sinus Fix: What Are You Waiting For?

Your Sinus Fix: What Are You Waiting For?

It's time to take action to solve your chronic breathing and sinus ailments with a quick and simple in-office solution. So many patients come to ADVENT for Sinus & Snoring issues and leaving thinking "why did I wait so long..."
Andy and Kristen at The Morning Blend Studio
The Morning Blend

Nose Open, Mouth Shut on The Morning Blend

If you are living with a constant stuffy nose and lack of energy, you’re not alone. 61% of adults are mouth breathers due to the inability to breathe freely. This is the story of Andy, an active dad who suffered from daily fatigue and headaches since childhood because of HOW he was breathing. ADVENT Physician Assistant, Kristen Duas, joins him.
3 Signs You Are Breathing WRONG!

3 Signs You Are Breathing WRONG!

Having a hard time breathing? Mouth breathing vs nose breathing. Identify and discover solutions to your breathing issues. Difficultly breathing.
Patient Sitting and Getting a CT Scan TakenCT Scan Image

Office-Based CT Scanning: How Does It Work?

A CT (computerized tomography) scan creates cross-sectional images of the body. Find out how ADVENT’s approach to CT scanning differs from the rest.
Man in Red Sweater with Chronic Post-Nasal Drip Blowing his Nose

Symptoms, Causes & Getting Rid of Your Chronic Post-Nasal Drip

No matter how many times you cough or clear, you can’t seem to find relief for your postnasal drip. ADVENT explains what you can do to deal with it.
Mature Man in Casual Clothing Listening on a Yellow Background - 1280x720

Ancient Secrets for Proper Breathing (and How to Live Longer!)

You’ve been told your health is based on diet, exercise & genetics. But there's one important fact that's ignored. How you breathe dictates how you live.
Man with a headache, pressing on temples

What Your Headache is Telling You

A headache could be a symptom of a larger issue. ADVENT explains what he location of your headache is telling you. Learn more.
Patient Talking with ADVENT ENT Dr. Ethan Handler, MD About Their CT Scan Results - 1200x675A Guy Getting A CT Scan at a HospitalA Patient Getting a CT Scan at ADVENT94% Less Radiation than Conventional CT Scanners - Infographic - 712x308Only 22 Seconds for a Full Scan of Your Sinuses - Infographic - 505x394

CT Scans: Your Breathing Triangle Blueprint

In 22 seconds, a CT Scan can build the blueprint to fix your sleep or sinus issues.
ADVENT Patient Journey: Your Path to Sleep & Sinus Success - 1280x7201280x720 - A Smiling Doctor Happy for the Positive Outcome of Their Patients Sinus and Sleep Procedure at ADVENT1920x1280 - A Smiling Doctor Happy for the Positive Outcome of Their Patients Sinus and Sleep Procedure at ADVENTPerson with The Breathing Triangle® Overlayed on There FaceADVENT Provider Reviewing CT Scan with a PatientAfrican American Man Feeling Miserable from SinusitisADVENT Patient Journey: Your Path to Sleep & Sinus Success - 1920x650Amanda Keller - Blog Writer

Your Path To Sleep and Sinus Success with ADVENT

ADVENT knows you’ve been looking for relief for your sinus, sleep and snoring issues. We’ve created a map of your journey to long-lasting relief. Schedule your first visit today!
Smiling Girlfriend Touching Boyfriend's Nose Laying in Bed - 1200x675In-Office Procedure - Allergy Drops / Immunotherapy Icon - 500x500In-Office Procedure - Balloon Sinuplasty Icon - 500x500In-Office Procedure - Nasal Cryotherapy with ClariFix Icon - 500x500In-Office Procedure - Nasal Swell Body Reduction Icon - 500x500In-Office Procedure - Nasal Valve Repair Icon - 500x500In-Office Procedure - Turbinate Reduction Icon - 500x500The Breathing Triangle Logo - 1676x415The Brathing Triangle Logo Mark - 1290x1080Nose with a Red Check Mark Icon - 500x500

Sinus & Allergy Services at ADVENT

Many people are unaware that there headaches, runny noses, and allergies actually start with your nose. This is ADVENTs focus to help you breathe better >>
Photo of Dr Madan Kandula- President and Founder of ADVENT
Our Team

My Balloon Sinuplasty Experience

Years after sinus surgery, Dr. Madan Kandula became the patient and underwent his own balloon sinuplasty & turbinate reduction. Here's his patient journey.
ADVENT Patient Andy

Andy's Sinus Journey to Breathing Better

Andy struggled with sinus headaches and breathing problems, he came to ADVENT! Watch his full journey here from struggling to breathe to living better...
Spring Cleaning for the Nose & SinusesNetty Pot for Sinus Rinses

Spring Cleaning for Your Nose: Benefits of a Sinus Rinse

Spring cleaning is almost here, make sure to add your NOSE to the to-do list! By including the easy practice of an at-home sinus rinse...
What's Wrong with Your Nose?Clogged Sinuses

What’s Wrong With Your Nose? One of Two Things is to Blame…

If you’re a sufferer of lifelong nose and breathing issues, you may have lost hope for any helpful treatment. However, the root causes of these problems likely lie in 1 of 2 areas: your nose’s lining or anatomy.
Lady Breathing In with The Breathing Triangle Faded in the BackgroundSinus Procedure VS. Sinus Surgery

Solving Snoring & Sinus Issues Without Surgery

If you suffer from snoring, sleep apnea, or sinus issues, you may think surgery is your only option. Here are simple options you haven't heard about...
Why The breathing TriangleThe Breathing Triangle Outlining a Persons Face

Why The Breathing Triangle?

At ADVENT, all that we focus on is the nasopharynx and the oropharynx. Have you ever heard those terms? Of course not. How about The Breathing Triangle?
Man Struggling with Sinus Issues

You Don't Need To Wait: Sleep & Sinus Solutions Made Easy

So many patients come to ADVENT for Sinus & Snoring issues and leave thinking "why did I wait so long..." It's time to take action and solve your issues.
9 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Nose 2022Nose & Taste1920x350 - 9 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Nose 2022

9 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Nose

You know that your nose helps you breathe and smell, but have you ever wondered what else it can do? Here are some nose facts that might surprise you.
Shot of a Woman Feeling Unwell with a Sinus Headache While Working from HomeGraphic of Sinuses with Fluid in Them with TextHilda Testimonial ThumbnailSmoke Stack Polluting the Air with Circle with Slash IconHumidifier IconNose Using Nasal Spray IconMan Coughing IconKayla's Story: No More Sinus Issues

What You Don't Know About Sinus Infections & Sinusitis

Do you have constant headaches, sore/itchy throat, or even pain in oyur teeth & ears? Sounds like you're afflicted with sinus infections and sinusitis...
Sinuses Being Cleaned & Checked by ENT Doctors

Discover the Mysteries of Your Sinuses

The sinuses may be mysterious and hard for most people to define, but there’s no mystery when they’re not working properly. Here's what you need to know.
ADVENT - Breathing Techniques

5 Breathing Tips to Relieve Stress Now

Stress and anxiety affect your overall health and your quality of life. One of the best ways to lower your stress is by taking the time to breathe.
No Trick, All Treat: Balloon Sinuplasty Results Are Sweet

Balloon Sinuplasty Results Are No Trick

Snoring? Sleep Apnea? Sinus issues? Balloon sinuplasty might be just the fix you've been looking for. And the results are no trick, only relief!
Allergy Webinar Thumbnail - Girl Sneezing into a Tissue Due to Allergies

What's Really Causing Your Allergy Symptoms? (And How To Fix Them!)

If you suffer from allergies, you know how annoying allergy season is. But there is hope with simple solutions. Discover the cause of your allergies >>
Man in Yellow Sweater Smiling with The Breathing Triangle Overlayed on His Face

What Is The Breathing Triangle® & Why Does It Matter?

The Breathing Triangle® is the 3 holes used for breathing; the two nostrils and the mouth. Many people don't know that these 3 areas are very important.
ADVENT Patients are Thankful For Long-Term Results

ADVENT Patients Are Thankful for Long-Term Results

The staff at ADVENT is thankful for our happy and healthy patients, all year round. Hear their first-hand accounts of results after their procedures.
ADVENT ENT and One MileTeam One Mile: How Better Breathing Unlocks Peak Athletic Performance

Team One Mile: How Better Breathing Unlocks Peak Athletic Performance

One Mile is is a group of ultra cyclist about to face their next big challenge racing across america. They came to ADVENT to discuss how breathing...

FINALLY Fix Your Runny or Stuffy Nose…With ClariFix®

Are you tired of reaching for the tissues or relying on nasal sprays just to be able to breathe? There’s a quick and easy solution that can resolve your stuffy or runny nose for good. Reboot your nose with Clarifix®.
Defeat Your SinusitisHow To Defeat SinusitisWomen Questioning What Sinusitis Is

Your Sinuses are Compromised: How to Defeat Sinusitis

Chronic sinus infections (sinusitis) or a cold that turns into one is serious business. ADVENT explains why they happen and what you can do to beat them.
runny nose with clarifix

Nasal Cryotherapy with ClariFix® & FAQs

A runny nose can be debilitating. ADVENT explains treating a runny nose with Nasal Cryotherapy with ClariFix® and answers FAQs. Learn more.
Woman Suffering from Sinusitis

The Ugly Side of Sinusitis and How to Beat It

Chronic sinus infections (sinusitis) or a cold that turns into one is serious business. ADVENT explains why they happen and what you can do to beat them.
Lady Sneezing Due to Pollen AllergyItchy Eyes From Allergies IconCat Allergy IconPollen Allergy IconRash Caused by Allergens IconRunny Nose IconDust Allergy IconAllergy Test Icon

Allergies 101: Allergy Symptoms & Solutions

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you’re all too familiar with how frustrating they are. When your body reacts to foreign substances like pollen...

Escaping the Bermuda Triangle with The Breathing Triangle®

AT ADVENT, we avoid bandaid processes and focus on getting to the root of the problem. We focus on the Breathing Triangle to find long-term solutions.
ADVENT Patient Testimonial - Sinus - Andrew

How Plowing Snow at 3 AM Lead to Fixing Andrew’s Life-Long Breathing Issues

ADVENT Knows Reviews: Read Andrew's story about how plowing snow at 3AM lead to fixing his life-long breathing isses.
What-Does the Color of Your Snot Mean Blog ImageThick White Snot Mucus No MoistureSticky Yellow Snot Mucus Sinus InfectionSlimey Green Snot Mucus Sinus Issues

What Does the Color of Your Snot Mean?

Discolored mucus does not necessarily mean there’s an infection, but it’s definitely a sign that something is not moving properly. Learn more about what the color of your snot means from Dr. Kandula of ADVENT.
Experience The Joy of Breathing FreelyPatient Journey IconThe Breathing Triangle®500x500 - Experience The Joy of Breathing Freely

Experience The Joy of Breathing Freely

You won’t understand how much of your life you are missing until you experience open sinuses and what it's truly like to breathe freely.
Hilda's Story: “I Didn’t Realize My Symptoms Until They Were Gone!”

Hilda’s Story: “I Didn’t Realize My Symptoms Until They Were Gone!”

“I didn’t know I had a problem with my breathing until I came to ADVENT.” Hilda didn’t come to ADVENT to fix her breathing problems. Hilda came to ADVENT...
ADVENT Patient Testimonial - Sinus - Jodi

Jodi’s Story: Breathing Just to Breathe

ADVENT Knows Reviews: Read about Jodi's ADVENT experience in solving her breathing issues.
The Signs in Your Snot

The Signs in Your Snot

The appearance of your snot could be giving you warning signs to something serious. ADVENT explains the signs in your snot. Learn more.
Headshot of Robert's story

Robert's Story

Robert's snoring and sleep issues were costing him time with his family. He finally decided to do something about it. See how Robert's life has changed.
Molly ADVENT testimonial

Molly's Story

Molly was stuck in a cycle of antibiotics. See how this mom was able to overcome a battle with sinus infections and spend quality time with her family.
Woman Breathing20000 Breaths a Day

How Many Breaths You Take Per Day & Why It Matters

On average, you take 20,000 breaths per day. We’re here to tell you how breathing works and how to get the most out of breathing well. Learn more.
The Patient Journey

Your ADVENT Journey Defined

The Patient Journey™ with ADVENT is a proven process to reach simple, efficient solutions to your sinus and sleep concerns. Learn more.

What is a Nasolaryngoscopy?

A nasolaryngoscopy is performed during The Breathing Triangle evaluation. Learn more about what a nasolaryngoscopy is and how its performed.
Guy With Bad Breath Due to Wearing a Face Mask

Unmasking Bad Breath

What makes wearing a mask unbearable? Bad Bread...That is why we have provided some tips to help you keep your mask smelling fresh.
Man in Canoe

3 Reasons to Live Better Now

You’ve been suffering from your sinus and/or sleep concerns all year. Here are three reasons why now is the time to come into ADVENT. Learn more.
Athlete Andy Testimonial

Athlete Highlight: Andy's Story

Andy wasn't breathing well and stuck in a cycle of temporary fixes and pharmacy visits. See how this athlete got ahead of the game.

7 Ways to Survive Allergy Season This Summer

Are you one in 50 Million Americans suffering from sinus swelling or itchy, watery eyes from allergies? Here are 7 ways to survive allergy season this year.

Simple In-Office Solutions for Sinus & Snoring Relief

Break free from the pharmacy aisle and let ADVENT help you breathe well and sleep well with these simple in-office ENT procedures. Learn more!

WEBINAR: Finding a Solution to Your Sleeping Concerns

ADVENT's Dr. Handler talks in-depth about common sleeping frustrations and how the ADVENT team can help you back on a healthy nighttime breathing schedule.

WEBINAR: In-Office Treatment for Blocked Sinuses

ADVENT's Dr. Ethan Handler discusses chronic sinusitis and the revolutionary Balloon Sinuplasty procedure geared towards ending your sinus pain.

How To Do A Sinus Rinse

A sinus rinse can significantly reduce chronic sinus symptoms and over-the-counter medications. Dr. Madan Kandula walks you through an at-home sinus rinse.

Nasal Cryotherapy with ClariFix

ADVENT is a pioneer in Nasal Cryotherapy with Clarifix. Learn more on how you can relieve your chronic congestion, post-nasal drip and stuffy nose suffering!
Woman sitting outside breathing

How Your Body was Built to Breathe

Dr. Kandula explains why your nose exists, what happens if you don't breathe through your nose and how this affects snoring and sleep apnea. Learn more.

The Rundown on In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty

Dr. Ethan Handler has first-hand experience of in-office Balloon Sinuplasty procedure and is answering commonly asked questions about this procedure.
Summer Allergies Photo

Getting a Grasp on Summer Allergies


Balloon Sinuplasty

ADVENT was the first ENT practice in Wisconsin to offer balloon sinuplasty surgery in-office to treat sinus and sleep concerns. Learn more!

ClariFix Nasal Cryotherapy on The Morning Blend

Dr. Madan Kandula with ADVENT shares a groundbreaking new procedure with ClariFix to treat your runny, stuffy nose on TMJ4 The Morning Blend. Watch now.
Sinus CT Scan Before a In-Office Procedure
Our Team

Chronic Sinus Issues: When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

Dr. Madan Kandula avoided his chronic sinus issues for years. Read more about his personal journey from doctor to patient with his own sinus surgery.

Sinus infections? Snoring? Sleep apnea?

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