Sinus Infections (Sinusitis)

You don’t have to live with chronic sinusitis

You’re all too familiar with the dread that sweeps through you at the first sign of yet another sinus infection. “Oh no, not now, not again!” Soon the stuffy nose sets in…the painful, relentless pressure building behind your eyes…the briny mucus waterfall in the back of your throat…and the headaches, well they're just debilitating.

Sinus infections steal your thunder and make you want to hibernate under the covers, but you can’t rest well because you can't breathe well. And the over-the-counter nasal sprays, medications, and even prescribed antibiotics aren't helping. It feels like you're trapped in a maze you can't escape.

Sinus Infections 101

Sinus infections, also known as sinusitis, can result from environmental factors like viruses or allergens. However, if they’re chronic, they may be because of anatomical issues such as nasal polyps, septal deviations1 or sinus passages that are too tight resulting in a backlog of mucus. Your sinuses are cavities located in your face, and include the areas behind your forehead and eyebrows, cheekbones, behind the nose in front of your brain, and both sides of the bridge of your nose.

I think I have sinusitis. How will I know?

Common sinus infection symptoms1 feel like the worst cold that won’t die, specifically:

  • Stuffy nose (nasal obstruction)
  • Headache
  • Facial pain and pressure
  • Postnasal drip
  • Fatigue
  • Bad breath
  • Reduced sense of smell
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Pain in your ears or teeth

Acute sinusitis can come on suddenly and the misery can last for up to one month. Subacute sinusitis can endure for up to 12 weeks1.

But, if your symptoms persist or keep recurring, you may have chronic sinusitis. Your symptoms likely won’t go away by using nasal sprays, taking medications or even antibiotics. This is a sign of something more serious.

What are the risks of untreated chronic sinus infections?

If you allow a sinus infection to go untreated, you could be signing up for months of stuffy nose, headache and sinus pressure, nasal drip that gives you embarrassingly bad breath, poor sleep, and no energy. And that’s not the worst of it, sinus infections hamper your everyday living and keep you from living your best life.

In rare cases, neglected sinus infections can lead to serious complications like vision problems4, meningitis5, or fungal infections6. It’s crucial to seek treatment.

Not all ear, nose and throat doctors treat sinusitis the same way. Luckily though, treatments can be very simple if you see a specialist who’s sole focus is treating issues in The Breathing Triangle® with the purpose of getting to the root cause of the issue.

Chronic Sinusitis Treatments

If you can’t break free from a cycle of one sinus infection after another, there’s good news. Relief is not as difficult as you think. At ADVENT, we help you uncover the root cause of your misery so you can experience simple sinusitis treatments that work.

Simple in-office solutions, such as Balloon Sinuplasty and Turbinate Reduction open blocked nasal and sinus passageways, restore proper drainage, and improve air flow.

You Shouldn't Ignore Chronic Sinus Infections

IOBS Work Time: 6.5% to >1% reduction in work loss due to sinusitis
Mouth Breathers: 61% of adults are mouthbreathers
92% of ADVENT patients left a 4- or 5-star review on Google
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How it works

3 simple steps to live without chronic sinusitis:

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    1: Get Your Breathing Triangle Evaluation

    First, we listen. At your new patient appointment, you’ll discuss your symptoms and goals with a Sleep & Sinus Specialist. You’ll also get a thorough Breathing Triangle Evaluation to help identify any underlying issues related to your sinus infections.

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    2: Uncover the Root Cause

    Depending on your symptoms you may get an in-office CT scan or home sleep study to better understand the source of your sinus infections.

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    3: Treat Your Sinus Infections with Simple Solutions

    We offer several simple in-office treatment options to ensure you have a healthy Breathing Triangle. Depending on your diagnosis, you may be a candidate for: Balloon Sinuplasty, Turbinate Reduction, Nasal Cryotherapy, Polypectomy, Septoplasty, or Allergy Drop Immunotherapy

Sinus infection FAQs:

Everything you need to know about:
Sinus Infections
What causes sinus infections?

There are many reasons for sinus infections. One very common cause is sinus passages that are too tight to drain properly. This results in a backlog of mucus causing swollen and inflamed sinus lining.

Other possible causes for chronic sinusitis include: nasal polyps, asthma, a deviated nasal septum, tumors, dental infection, regular exposure to pollutants, and immune system disorder.

Viruses and bacteria can cause sinus infections. Allergens may also cause sinus infections, and research shows that those who live in the Midwest and the South1 experience higher rates of sinusitis. 

How common are sinus infections?

Sinusitis symptoms drove 2.7 million Americans to doctor’s offices and 234,000 sufferers of chronic sinusitis to emergency departments in 20182. Economic research reveals the direct impact of chronic sinusitis ranges between $10–13 billion per year in the U.S., and work productivity loss exceeds $20 billion per year3

Research shows higher rates of sinusitis in women and people who live in the Midwest1—and this is why ADVENT has locations throughout Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Minnesota.

What are the common symptoms of a sinus infection?

Common symptoms of a sinus infection can include headache, facial pressure and pain, stuffy nose (nasal obstruction), postnasal drip, fatigue, bad breath, reduced sense of smell, fever, cough, headache, and possible ear or dental pain. 

What is the typical duration of a sinus infection?

Acute sinusitis can come on suddenly and the misery can last for up to one month; luckily, the runny, sneezy, achy, tired slew of symptoms should resolve completely. Subacute sinusitis can endure for up to 12 weeks. If your sinus infection symptoms drag on for longer than 12 weeks, you may have chronic sinusitis.

What are the potential complications of untreated sinus infections?

While some sinus infections may go away on their own, if you let a sinus infection drag on for months without symptom improvement, you could set yourself up for chronic sinusitis.  

Although rare, an untreated sinus infection could lead to serious issues like vision problems4 if the infection spreads to your eye sockets, meningitis5, or a fungal infection6 (particularly in those with compromised immune systems).

Are there home remedies for sinus infections?

Over-the-counter medications, nasal sprays or saline, decongestants, steam, a neti pot, staying hydrated, and getting plenty of rest are home remedies for sinus infections. However, if you have chronic sinusitis, these band-aid solutions will not fix the root cause and offer long-term relief. You’ll be left to live life hampered by the agony of your sinus infection symptoms.

Who is at risk for chronic sinus infections?

Anyone can get chronic sinus infections. People with sinus passages that are too tight, nasal polyps, asthma, a deviated nasal septum, allergies, regular exposure to pollutants, or who have an immune system disorder, have a greater risk of chronic sinusitis.  

How can I prevent future sinus infections?

If you’re prone to getting sinus infections, our best advice is to see an ear, nose, and throat doctor for an exam. At ADVENT, we’ll give you a comprehensive Breathing Triangle evaluation and will work with you to uncover the root cause of your sinus infections. You'll get a customized treatment plan unique to you. Our simple, effective, in-office procedures can help fix sinus issues in less than 30 minutes, with little downtime.

Can a sinus infection affect my sleep quality?

Absolutely. If you can’t breathe well, you can’t sleep well. There’s a reason the decongestant market size is estimated to reach $21.3 billion by 2027. An IndustryARC® report suggests that ingredients in decongestants offer the same amount of sinus congestion relief as a placebo—which means none7.

How do I know if my sinus infection is bacterial or viral or chronic?

Viruses cause most sinus infection cases. If your symptoms don’t go away in a few weeks, you may have a bacterial sinus infection. In this case, you should visit a medical provider for further testing and possible antibiotics. If sinus infections continually come and go over months or years, they may caused by issues within your Breathing Triangle. In this case you should also see a medical professional who’s singular focus is in this area, like the ENTs at ADVENT.

What is chronic sinusitis and how is it different from a sinus infection?

Chronic sinusitis endures longer than an acute sinus infection, which is temporary and often caused by a cold. In some cases, chronic sinusitis symptoms may go away but come back shortly after they subside, and may drag on for months in this cycle.

How does ADVENT diagnose chronic sinus infections?

The best way to see exactly what is going on with your sinus is with an in-office CT scan. This scan only takes 22 seconds and creates a ‘blueprint’ of your sinuses, allowing you and your provider to discuss possible treatment options.

What treatments does ADVENT offer for sinus infections?

In-office Balloon Sinuplasty will open your nasal passages allowing them to drain properly which will calm the lining of the sinuses so you can regain your sinus health.

What can happen if a person lets a sinus infection go untreated?

"If sinus infections are left untreated they can cause inflammation and swelling of the lining of the sinuses that in turn will cause narrowing of the sinus openings. The sinuses are not able to drain and this can cause pain and pressure in the forehead, cheeks, nose and behind the eyes as well as thick drainage."

Hillary Hinkson, PA-C

Physician Assistant

How does ADVENT diagnose a sinus infection?

"We use our thorough clinical evaluation, including history and physician examination, as well as ancillary diagnostic studies such as a nasal endoscopy (examining inside the nose with a telescope) as well as in-office CT scan (3-D reconstruction of our nasal cavity and sinuses) to determine what could be causing your symptoms and the best way to treat it."

Pratik Patel, MD

Otolaryngology — Board-Certified ENT

Sinus Infections

Real patient reviews:

5 star rating iconExpand Content Icon
This place has literally changed my life. I have been a lifelong sufferer of sinus problems. Through the years, I have tried multiple over the counter remedies, seen several ENT specialists, and had a majorly invasive sinus surgery. None of it has ever really helped, and the surgery made it worse. I went to ADVENT...and I'm breathing more clearly than I ever thought possible. They truly delivered significant results. I am and will forever be grateful for the major improvement in the quality of my life.
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It's been a couple of months since the procedure and I can breathe 100% out of both nostrils! I could not have picked a more welcoming clinic to change my life.
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Every step of the process was seamless and I felt like they legitimately cared about me the entire time. Unlike what other ENTs offered, my total surgical procedure was a 30min out-patient procedure and I was back on my feet the same day. I’m six weeks post-op and I can 100% say that this procedure fixed my breathing issues and improved my quality of life. I’m sleeping more soundly (I have the data to prove it), my energy levels are better and I haven’t been congested or had to mouth breathe once.
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I am so glad that my wife handed me the number to call. I can breathe from my nose for the first time in 25 years and the staff is amazing!
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Dr. Adams was great. He listened to me, didn't dismiss my concerns & explained everything to me…the first ENT made me feel like I was crazy by saying my nose was fine.
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I’ve had longtime problems with allergies, sinuses, breathing/respiratory issues…Everything is in one place (assessments, allergy testing, CT scans, procedures)...They are very knowledgeable to deal specifically with these issues. The setup and methods are modern and efficient. I can even do a sleep study at home with a simple device connected through a phone app. It is amazing that such a clinic like this exists!
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They honestly make you feel like a valuable person with legitimate concerns and not just a number! I recommend them to help you!
5 star rating iconExpand Content Icon
I am 1 year out from my procedure now and am so thankful for how much better I can breathe! ADVENT is doing great things for many people!
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I appreciate being listened to and heard. I appreciate being given all the options that could help my situation. I also appreciate the emphasis on starting with simpler solutions and not being pushed immediately to surgery!
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Fixed my nose! I had sinus surgery about 15 years ago... It did nothing but empty my wallet. ADVENT fixed my deviated septum and I am happy to be able to breathe better!
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I had balloon sinuplasty...The procedures were minimally invasive and with minimal pain. I have to say a dentists' injections have caused me more pain than these ADVENT procedures. Immediately after surgery, I was able to breath better and this has continued during the healing process… Amazing!
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My husband had balloon sinuplasty here at the Loop location on Jackson 12 weeks ago. All the P.A.'s and staff that we dealt with were wonderful. Had great results with no more snoring or breathing issues since the surgery. I would highly recommend this facility in particular and this surgery for anyone suffering from sleep apnea and failed rhinoplasty's. His breathing is so much better and getting a much better night sleep along with his energy back from breathing properly. GET IT DONE! ITS WORTH IT


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