How Plowing Snow at 3 AM Lead to Fixing Andrew’s Life-Long Breathing Issues

ADVENT Knows Reviews: Read Andrew's story about how plowing snow at 3AM lead to fixing his life-long breathing isses.
ADVENT Patient Testimonial - Sinus - Andrew
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August 18, 2021
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February 25, 2022

"When you're plowing snow, you pay a lot of attention to the radio because it's pretty boring at three in the morning," Andrew said with a chuckle.

As a landscaper and snowplow driver, he spends a lot of time outdoors. And as someone who had suffered with sinus issues since he was a kid - more than 50 years - it didn't make this job easy.

"I always had breathing problems. A lot of bronchitis...always had a cold. Especially in the wintertime." Andrew was suffering from these illnesses on a regular basis and had tried all kinds of remedies to relieve his symptoms, including nasal sprays. But relief was always temporary.

As he reflected back on his troubles with his airway, he recalled family and colleagues commenting on the way he sounded. "'You sound nasally,' they'd say. And that was even without cold symptoms."

Andrew received little guidance over the years from his primary care physicians, who always check his nose and mouth at each visit. They never said anything. No one ever really noticed the issue or tried to help him fix it.

The ADVENT Knows Jingle Strikes A Nerve

It wasn't until he heard an ADVENT radio advertisement while plowing snow in the middle of the night, that Andrew decided to explore what ADVENT had to offer. He was determined to see if they could help fix his life-long breathing issues.

"Level of care was top notch from the first visit to the last," Andrew recalls. "The team took very good care of me from start to finish. Treated me very well. The explanation that they shared for what they were going to do was spot on. The procedure went exactly as they described."

During Andrew's first visit, he met with the Physician Assistant who examined the anatomy of his airways to address the root cause of his debilitating issues. An in-office CT scan confirmed the root cause of his issues. A treatment plan was created for him specifically, so he could meet his goals and address his underlying sinus issues. He was in and out of the office in less than a couple of hours for his procedure, and best of all, he had next to no downtime.

"I basically had to take care of myself for an afternoon," he says, again with a hearty laugh.

Andrew Gets His Life Back

The greatest outcome Andrew received was the improved quality of life he experienced following his procedure. Many adults who experience breathing, sinus, and airway issues often lose sight of what things were like before they were impaired.

And most don't realize the additional ways breathing issues can impact their lives. Snoring or a constant stuffy nose are obvious complaints, however, Andrew observed a long list of the ways his treatment at ADVENT made his life better.

He lost weight…
He had more energy…
He was sleeping better…
He felt better.

He even said he improved his relationships because he was more friendly - because he was less miserable, less exhausted, and was no longer living in a constant state of discomfort.

The effects of impaired airways go much deeper than simple inconveniences. They can make your day-to-day life miserable.

"If you're wondering, ADVENT is the place to go to have your sinus problems solved. They solved mine."

First published by ADVENT on
August 18, 2021
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How Plowing Snow at 3 AM Lead to Fixing Andrew’s Life-Long Breathing Issues