The Rundown on In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty

Dr. Ethan Handler has first-hand experience of in-office Balloon Sinuplasty procedure and is answering commonly asked questions about this procedure.
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January 22, 2020
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January 22, 2020

Dr. Ethan Handler sits down to answer some common questions regarding the
In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty procedure and what to expect when you've decided to breathe well and live better.

What is an IOBS?

Dr. Handler: What is an IOBS? So IOBS is basically an acronym for in-office balloon sinuplasty.

Does the in office balloon sinuplasty procedure hurt?

Dr. Handler: That's a good question. So pain is very subjective. No. And so I like to tell patients this all the time I've had this done. Okay. So I'm speaking from personal experience. I tell people it's weird. Okay. And the reason why it's weird is because it's a novel experience. It's not something you've ever had done before. And so it's not meant to be painful again, it's just weird. And so a lot of what goes into while you're awake having something done is myself or the other surgeons at ADVENT talking you through the procedure as things are happening so you're not just sitting there in the dark with things occurring.

How long does the in office balloon sinuplasty procedure take and am I awake?

Dr. Handler: So the procedure, I'd say on average is about 15 minutes. You are awake, but I've had patients sleep through this. I've had patients have a full-on conversation with me through this.

What is the recovery time for in office balloon sinuplasty?

Dr. Handler: So there's kind of the acute recovery time and then the longer-term play. And so what that means is most patients get back on with their normal lives between zero and two days. We don't prescribe pain medication. Tylenol is fine after. So I don't expect that you need a pain medication requirement. I haven't prescribed that in three years. The longer-term play here is, well, at what point do you start feeling the effects of the procedure? And again, it's a bell curve, but I'd say on average, most patients are feeling great or better by about six weeks down the road.

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January 22, 2020
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The Rundown on In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty