Nose or Lungs: Where Your Breathing Issue is Coming From

Nose or Lungs: Where Your Breathing Issue is Coming FromNose or Lungs
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Published on
October 20, 2021
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February 25, 2022

Have you ever wondered if how you're breathing is normal or not? If you think about it, you'll likely never know because you'll only ever have one airway.

You'll never know how your breathing differs from your partner, your neighbor, your child, your boss. How would you know until someone told you something wasn't right?

You'd likely never would unless you sought treatment.

The ideal scenario for a healthy airway is the combination of these four things:

  1. A nose that's working properly
  2. Sinuses that are working properly
  3. The back of the throat that's open
  4. Airways and lungs that expand and contract correctly

If you are experiencing breathing issues, it can be because one of these four things is not functioning properly. However, it can be difficult to pinpoint whether these issues come from your lungs, nose, or even from both?

So how do we find the root cause of your breathing issues? We take the clues your body gives to help us know where to start. Knowing where to start can help us pinpoint where the root causes lie.

Is It Allergies?

If you're wheezy, it may make more sense to start with the lungs. Allergy symptoms can happen throughout the body but occur most frequently in the airway and nose. Sometimes you may be experiencing all of these symptoms at once.

Allergies are so common that more than 50 million Americans experience some type of allergen each year and are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness. In fact, allergy sufferers account for more than 8.4 million doctor visits annually, and spend as much as $2 billion on office visits and medications.

Is It Your Nose, Your Lungs, Or Both?

Having a combination of nose and lung issues is not uncommon, they can actually co-exist. This is because the lining inside your nose is the same as in your lungs - if you have issues with that kind of lining, you might have issues in both areas.

The bottom line is this: take breathing issues seriously. The more they are ignored or avoided, the more potential damage they can cause.

Nose or Lungs

You take 2,000 breaths every single day. Each breath, while involuntary, is a necessary action required to keep your heart beating, your blood pumping, and to keep you alive. If you aren't breathing properly, if your airway is obstructed, you likely are not feeling as good as you could.

Get Answers To Your Breathing Issues

With the exclusive ADVENT Breathing Triangle Evaluation, we look behind the scenes to identify and address the root cause of your breathing issues. Once we understand where the problem is coming from, we'll then work with you to determine the solution that is best suited for you...

So that you not only breathe better, but so that you can live better, too.

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First published by ADVENT on
October 20, 2021
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Nose or Lungs: Where Your Breathing Issue is Coming From