Nasal Valve Repair

Improve nose breathing with VivAer® or Latera®

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You know you should go to the gym, but you’ve got no energy. You can barely muster the energy to last the whole day. Your poor nasal breathing is taking a toll. When you can’t breathe clearly through your nose, you do it through your mouth. But, mouth breathing isn’t normal or healthy. It’s also not your fault. You may have narrow nasal openings or cartilage that collapses when you inhale.

Luckily you have choices. ADVENT has two options to repair your nasal valve issue: VivAer® and Latera®. Both can help keep your nasal passages open to help you breathe freely.

What nasal valve repair treats:

What is nasal valve repair & how does it work?

Designed for those with nasal airway obstruction, this in-office procedure reshapes the inner nose to improve airflow and decrease congestion. Your sinus and sleep surgeon uses low-temperature radio frequency energy to allow you to breathe clearly through your nose2. Latera® is an absorbable nasal implant that reduces airway obstruction and significantly improves your ability to breathe through your nose. Severity and location of obstruction will determine if VivAer® or Latera® are recommended.

Why choose ADVENT for nasal valve repair?

Millions needlessly suffer from breathing or sleep issues because they don’t realize that the root of their problem lies in The Breathing Triangle®: the two sides of their nose and throat. It’s why we’ve pioneered a simple proven process to give you relief in three easy steps:

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    1: Discover the Root Cause

    Uncover the source of your issues with a Breathing Triangle Evaluation, CT Scan, and Home Sleep Study (if needed)

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    2: Get Your Breathing Triangle® Healthy

    Optimize your nasal breathing and airway with proven in-office Breathing Triangle solutions. If sleep apnea is a concern, you may continue treatment to keep your throat open while you sleep.

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    3: Unlock Your Potential

    Enjoy more energy, restful sleep, and better quality of life because you can breathe freely – through your nose 24/7, not your mouth.

The simple truth:

Nose OSA: 35% nasal complaint have OSA
US Snorers: 50% of US adults snore
Mouth Breathers: 61% of adults are mouthbreathers
Nasal Obstruction: 20M suffer w/ nasal obstruction
92% of ADVENT patients left a 4- or 5-star review on Google
Net Promoter: ADVENT has +84 NPS score


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It's been a couple of months since the procedure and I can breathe 100% out of both nostrils! I could not have picked a more welcoming clinic to change my life.
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I had balloon sinuplasty...The procedures were minimally invasive and with minimal pain. I have to say a dentists' injections have caused me more pain than these ADVENT procedures. Immediately after surgery, I was able to breath better and this has continued during the healing process… Amazing!
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Today was my first week follow up after my procedure and let me tell you I'm so glad I did it. Only the first week and finally feel the difference. Staff is very friendly, and they definitely make sure to find the root of any issue you may have to help you!
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Comprehensive care towards causes of sleep and breathing disorders. Professional and well polished systems for efficiency of diagnoses and care plan.
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They honestly make you feel like a valuable person with legitimate concerns and not just a number! I recommend them to help you!
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I appreciate being listened to and heard. I appreciate being given all the options that could help my situation. I also appreciate the emphasis on starting with simpler solutions and not being pushed immediately to surgery!
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Every detail explained. Patients best interest in mind. 2 thumbs up!