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Robert's snoring and sleep issues were costing him time with his family. He finally decided to do something about it. See how Robert's life has changed.
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May 16, 2019
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August 20, 2021

Robert's snoring and sleep issues were costing him time with his family. Here's what happened when he finally decided to do something about it:

"About a year ago, I noticed that I was waking up and not feeling rested and I would be tired all day. I would come home and just sit on the couch and not do much. It was taking time away from my family; taking time away from my kids. My wife noticed that I was snoring so we decided to go ahead and do something about it.

The first time I came into ADVENT, they all knew my name right away. They made me feel at home; they made me feel comfortable.

ADVENT is different because I wasn't just a number; they cared about me and my outcome. The staff here really wanted to find a solution to my sinus problems. They didn't want to just mask the symptoms; they wanted something permanent that would last.

Since the procedure my wife has not noticed any snoring and I haven't been sleeping on the couch. I can breathe. I'm not sneezing 85 times a day. I have energy. I'm not waking up my wife every night.

If you're thinking about coming into ADVENT, just do it. It's going to make your life a lot better; it made my life so much better. They were really friendly here; they're not just going to force you to do something you don't want to do; they're going come up with a solution with you.”

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First published by ADVENT on
May 16, 2019
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