Balloon Sinuplasty

Your beacon of hope to defeat obstructed breathing

Man singing in the car because he's living with more energy since treating his OSA with balloon sinuplasty.

You know it’s going to happen, because it always does. Your nose has shut down again – like someone pulled the lever to the off position. It hurts your sleep, it affects your energy levels - and the headaches and sinus pressure you live with - have taken over your life.

The reality is your nose isn’t working the way it should and you don’t have to settle for pills or sprays that provide temporary relief. In-office balloon sinuplasty can literally change your life in just 20 minutes…so you can skip the pain and inconvenience of surgery and start living your life as intended.

What is balloon sinuplasty & how does it work?

Many people who suffer from sinusitis, rhinitis, headaches, allergies or other nasal breathing issues, find relief with Balloon Sinuplasty. This simple in-office procedure uses a tiny balloon to expand your sinuses passages. This allows them to drain properly, helping air flow more easily so your sinuses can regain their optimal health. Plus, it requires zero surgical cuts, little downtime, and has proven long-term results1.

Why choose ADVENT for balloon sinuplasty?

Millions needlessly suffer from breathing or sleep issues because they don’t realize that the root of their problem lies in The Breathing Triangle®: the two sides of their nose and throat. It’s why we’ve pioneered a simple proven process to give you relief in three easy steps:

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    1: Discover the Root Cause

    Uncover the source of your issues with a Breathing Triangle Evaluation, CT Scan, and Home Sleep Study (if needed)

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    2: Get Your Breathing Triangle® Healthy

    Optimize your nasal breathing and airway with proven in-office Breathing Triangle solutions. If sleep apnea is a concern, you may continue treatment to keep your throat open while you sleep.

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    3: Unlock Your Potential

    Enjoy more energy, restful sleep, and better quality of life because you can breathe freely – through your nose 24/7, not your mouth.

The simple truth:

IOBS Work Time: 6.5% to >1% reduction in work loss due to sinusitis
Mouth Breathers: 61% of adults are mouthbreathers
Nasal Obstruction: 20M suffer w/ nasal obstruction
92% of ADVENT patients left a 4- or 5-star review on Google
Net Promoter: ADVENT has +88 NPS score


  1. Afonso Castro, Miguel Furtado, Ângela Rego, Daniela Serras, Marisol Plácido, Carlos Martins, Long term outcomes of balloon sinuplasty for the treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis with and without nasal polyps, American Journal of Otolaryngology, 42, 1 (2021).

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