Solving Snoring & Sinus Issues Without Surgery

If you suffer from snoring, sleep apnea, or sinus issues, you may think surgery is your only option. Here are simple options you haven't heard about...
Lady Breathing In with The Breathing Triangle Faded in the BackgroundSinus Procedure VS. Sinus Surgery
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Published on
February 23, 2022
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March 22, 2023

Have you been feeling all-around lousy?

  • Do you have trouble sleeping or waking up tired every morning?
  • Are you constantly mouth-breathing because breathing through your nose is next to impossible?
  • Do you struggle with frequent sinus infections and chronic congestion?
  • And has all this been going on for… basically as long as you can remember?

If your nose doesn't work like it should, it can make your life frustrating and unbearable.

But most people don't realize that they don't have to simply just live with the pain and frustration of sinus and sleep issues. There are simple ENT treatments to help alleviate these symptoms. And best of all, odds are you won't have to resort to going under the knife and enduring a long recovery from a visit to the operating room.

Word of warning though…not all ENTs are created equal. And sadly, most won't give you all of the options available to fix your sleep or sinus issues. So before you run off to your standard 'big-box' ENT healthcare provider, be sure you're aware of all of your options.

At ADVENT we've spent the last 17 years pioneering simple in-office procedures to give patients options. In fact, we've found that virtually all of our patients choose this simple route to treatment. Most get results they never dreamed possible…and most never see the inside of an operating room.

ENT Doctors: Treating The Breathing Triangle®  

The Breathing Triangle®

The Breathing Triangle® consists of the two nostrils and the mouth.

If you're not familiar with the specialty, ENT stands for ear, nose and throat. ENT doctors generally treat ailments of these areas. At ADVENT though, we have 100% laser-focus on your airway's starting gate: your nose and mouth. In fact, we refer to this space where your nostrils and mouth meet as The Breathing Triangle®.

Some signs that you may be having issues with your Breathing Triangle can include sinus pressure, stuffiness or runny nose, loud snoring, dry mouth, frequent headaches, tiredness, sleep apnea and chronic sinus infections. The most troubling thing is that all of these ailments develop and build up over time. Before you know it, you've been experiencing them for so long that you've forgotten what life is like without them...

All of a sudden, you're just living with it day-after-day, putting up with it. It becomes your new norm. You're numb to the misery this is having on your life because you've been driven to accept it. If you're not breathing well, you're probably not sleeping well. And if you're not sleeping well, well...

You don't have to just live with it. At ADVENT, we've pioneered treatment options that focus on resolving Breathing Triangle issues in the least invasive way possible.

ENT Surgery: One Size Does Not Fit All

That's why if you go to your primary doc or an ENT in your typical 'big box' health system, you won't get options. You'll get sent to the operating room for surgery because that is the only real option they're authorized to provide. They've built ORs, they've paid for ORs, and you better believe they're going to do what they can to fill (and bill) for their ORs.

Simply put, they don't have the ability to offer the simple, less invasive treatment plans that we've pioneered.

Sinus Procedure VS. Sinus Surgery

Efficient, Simple, Elegant ENT Solutions

It's fundamental to how we function - our goal is to understand the root cause of our patients' issues and offer them options on how to solve it. We start with the least invasive treatment option available for their condition. In the majority of the cases this will be an in-office procedure, such as a balloon sinuplasty or turbinate reduction.

If their condition dictates a more extreme treatment option like surgery, we will do that for a patient, but only if in-office treatments are not the best option. Many times a patient will decide to start with the least invasive treatment option to see if they get the relief they've been hoping for. And if they need to level up to surgery, they can - that bridge has not been burned. However, what we've found is that most patients never have to cross that bridge.

Why jump to the most extreme treatment when simpler, more elegant solutions are right at your fingertips? You wouldn't want to go to the dentist with a cavity and be told a root canal is the only option. All you really need is a simple filling.

In most cases, there are less invasive options that should be made available to you. And we're going to be sure you get them. In fact, with these proven treatment options, most patients report tremendous relief and experience little to no downtime - some even go back to work the next day.

ADVENT Has Your Answers to Better Breathing

ADVENT's entire 100% focus is this area - nothing more. No distractions. Because of this, there's nobody more qualified to diagnose, treat and solve issues.

So, if you're experiencing low quality of life due to poor sleep, snoring, sleep apnea or sinus issues, this likely could point to issues of a nose not working as it should. And this is a sign it's time to get a thorough Breathing Triangle Evaluation to understand what options you have available to fix your issues for good.                                            

First published by ADVENT on
February 23, 2022
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Solving Snoring & Sinus Issues Without Surgery