Simple In-Office Solutions for Sinus & Snoring Relief

Break free from the pharmacy aisle and let ADVENT help you breathe well and sleep well with these simple in-office ENT procedures. Learn more!
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August 23, 2019
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November 24, 2020

There you are standing in the pharmacy aisle again, looking at hundreds of medications to relieve your sinus and snoring issues. At ADVENT, we believe breathing shouldn’t have to be this hard and neither should finding relief. By listening to each patient’s health concerns and goals and with an evaluation of The Breathing Triangle®, we’re able to make the best recommendation to get you back to the life you were meant to live.

Here's what to expect when you opt for a simple, in-office solution for your sinus and/or sleep concerns with ADVENT:

Balloon Sinuplasty

If you’ve been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis and are not responding well to antibiotics, you may be a great candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty. During this procedure, a small, flexible sinus balloon catheter is used to open blocked sinus passageways to restore normal sinus drainage. Recovery from this procedure is quick where patients can typically return to normal activity the next day.

ADVENT President and Founder, Dr. Madan Kandula, was the first surgeon in Wisconsin to perform Balloon Sinuplasty. He and the ADVENT team of physicians have treated more patients with this technology than anyone else in the state. Dr. Kandula is so confident in this solution to resolve sinus issues, he underwent the procedure himself:


If you’re one if the millions of people struggling with the inability to breathe and irritation that comes with nasal airway obstruction, nasal airway remodeling with VIVAER may be the solution. With this simple in-office solution, your nasal passageway is gently reshaped using low-temperature radiofrequency energy. VIVAER requires little to zero downtime and will be you back to normal activities following the procedure.

Nasal Cryotherapy with ClariFix®

A constant stuffy or runny nose, nasal congestion and post-nasal drips are all signs of Chronic Rhinitis, a condition of unbalanced nasal nerves. With Nasal Cryotherapy with ClariFix®, a cooling probe is used to freeze an area of the back of the nose to reduce inflammation of the nasal membranes. This minimally invasive, 30-second solution requires minimal downtown, allowing you to leave the tissues at home.

Turbinate Reduction

Nasal obstruction is one of the leading causes of the inability to breathe. Typically, nasal obstruction is caused by enlarged turbinates, or the tissue and bone within the nasal passageway that filter, heat and humidify the air we breathe. When enlarged turbinates are unresponsive to medical management, a turbinate reduction in-office procedure can shrink and remove the soft tissue inside the turbinates with gentle radiofrequency energy and natural saline. This procedure is minimally invasive and takes about 10 minutes.

Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation

If you’ve experienced the feeling of a clogged ear, temporary hearing loss or ear discomfort after the start of a cold of facial infection, eustachian tube dysfunction can occur. During a Eustachian Tube Balloon Dilation, a balloon catheter is used to open the blocked passages to enable mucus and air to flow freely through the eustachian tube. Performed in-office, this procedure typically takes less than a half hour and back to normal activity the very same day.If you and your Physician have found that the treatment plan to address your sinus or sleep concerns requires a more extensive approach, you may be a good candidate for:

Our approach to your health is simple. Whether you're a candidate for an in-office solution or a surgical treatment, ADVENT aims to provide the best, memorable to get you back to living better.

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August 23, 2019
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Simple In-Office Solutions for Sinus & Snoring Relief