FINALLY Fix Your Runny or Stuffy Nose…With ClariFix®

Are you tired of reaching for the tissues or relying on nasal sprays just to be able to breathe? There’s a quick and easy solution that can resolve your stuffy or runny nose for good. Reboot your nose with Clarifix®.
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Published on
June 10, 2022
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June 8, 2022

Drippy, sniffling tissue-reachers and stuffed-up, blocked-up, congested mouth-breathers...there is hope!

Regardless of which camp you live in, you've tried everything to correct the issues inside your nose. You likely have a medicine cabinet overflowing with different sprays, strips, and pills. Maybe some of them help a little but you know it's only temporary relief. And these temporary fixes may have side effects that make matters worse.

From allergy sufferers to those with chronic infections, there's a new solution to your age-old, debilitating problems. When your nose is constantly irritated, your brain signals to the nerves at the back of the nose to clear it out or stop it. And this typically leads to one of two extremes - either it runs like a faucet or it swells up completely.

We now have a solution that directly treats that hyperactive nerve.

Shutting Down the Hyperactive Nerves

Just like shutting down your computer to reboot it after it goes haywire, we can do the same to your nose by using quick and easy ClariFix®. This practice, called nasal cryotherapy, is a simple and effective procedure in which a cold probe is applied to the nerve to shut it down temporarily. This requires no cuts or incisions and can be safely performed in-office under local anesthesia.

With only a 30-second freeze on each side of the nose, we can help prevent years of frustration and discomfort.

After giving this nerve a chance to rest and restart, nearly all patients experience dramatic relief and significant results. ClariFix® is a simple, effective, and revolutionary solution to end your needless suffering.

It is freeing people of the chains of always needing to have tissues in their pockets and nasal spray in the glove compartment and allergy pills in their purse… It's freeing these people from years of poor breathing and the debilitating side effects of having a hyperactive nose.

First published by ADVENT on
June 10, 2022
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FINALLY Fix Your Runny or Stuffy Nose…With ClariFix®