What You Don't Know About Sinus Infections & Sinusitis

Do you have constant headaches, sore/itchy throat, or even pain in oyur teeth & ears? Sounds like you're afflicted with sinus infections and sinusitis...
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March 30, 2022
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February 15, 2023

Headaches. Sore, itchy throat. Even pain in your teeth and ears. All of these things lead to an overall decrease in the quality of your daily life.

When you suffer from sinus infections, also known as sinusitis, you're very well acquainted with the signs and symptoms, because they're hard to ignore. You know when a cold is no longer just a cold.

Headaches. Sore, itchy throat. Even pain in your teeth and ears. All of these things lead to an overall decrease in the quality of your daily life. You spend most days feeling lousy, trying to get through your daily routine with painful sinus pressure and congestion and wishing you could go back to bed.

You probably feel like the pharmacy is your second home because you spend so much time there looking up and down the aisles for a medication that will just work! This all-around 'crumminess' will probably take its toll on your mental health, too.

Constant frustration and defeat is not a fun place to live.

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a condition in which the cavities around the nasal passage become inflamed, infected and irritated. Essentially, the sinus openings - the air filled pockets inside the skull with passageways to the nose - shut down and stop working like they should. When these pockets become inflamed, fluid will build up and fail to drain properly.

Most people who suffer from chronic sinus infections typically have one of two issues that lie in their anatomy. They likely have an irritated lining, which can certainly be attributed to allergies. Or their anatomy is too tight, meaning their passageways are too small and don't drain properly. This causes mucus and debris to remain sitting in the cavities, giving it a chance to get stagnant and cause infection.

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Sinusitis Treatment

More than 37 million Americans suffer from at least one episode of acute sinusitis each year. When the weather begins to change - when both temperatures and allergies are in full swing - sinus infections can be especially debilitating.

Some things you can do to reduce your risk of developing sinusitis are:

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Carefully manage your allergies

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Don't allow illnesses to turn into upper respiratory infections by letting them linger too long without treatment

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Avoid irritants like pollution and cigarette smoke

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Use a humidifier, especially at night while you're sleeping

If you're a frequent sufferer of sinus infections, it probably feels like you're always reacting to your symptoms, fighting them off with a concoction of over-the-counter solutions like neti pots, nasal strips, sprays and pills. Unfortunately, these are just band-aid options, they may give you temporary relief, but they can't treat the root cause of the problem. There's more you can do to be proactive, rather than waiting to act when the stuffy nose and scratchy throat set in.

At ADVENT, we specialize in these areas that are most affected by sinusitis. We call this area The Breathing Triangle®, the space where your mouth and two nostrils meet. And because it's our singular focus, we stand by our exceptional results.

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Take Kayla for example...Kayla is an ADVENT employee, and during a patient seminar, she realized all the issues she had been dealing with were not as simple as her general physician had led her to believe. She began to wonder if her sinus issues might possibly have a simple solution too.

Within one examination, it was determined that she did not have OSA but that one side of her nose was entirely blocked. After four years, she still says her procedure was a "game-changer." Within one week, she had no more headaches and wasn't until after all of her symptoms were gone she realized how closely they were connected.

You can take control of your wellness and get ahead of your symptoms by treating the root cause of your sinus issues.

You Don't Have to Suffer From Sinus Infections Anymore:


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March 30, 2022
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What You Don't Know About Sinus Infections & Sinusitis