Reclaim the ease of a deep, unobstructed breath

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How long has it been since your nose felt like it worked? Where you could easily breathe through it? It wasn't constantly dripping, not always stuffy, and not the source of a nagging headache? Has your nose ever felt like it wasn't a curse? You may be living with nasal polyps, non-cancerous growths caused by severe nasal lining inflammation, causing chronic discomfort. But there's a solution – a polypectomy. This in-office procedure removes your polyps allowing you to reclaim the ease of a deep, unobstructed breath 1. Isn't it time to experience the relief of a nose that feels like it's working for you, not against you?

What is a polypectomy & how does it work?

For those with polyp concerns, this in-office procedure utilizes a microdebrider, a small tubular instrument, to remove polyp tissue from the nasal passages. This non-invasive treatment removes these nasal obstructions allowing you to breathe easier through your nose.

Why choose ADVENT for a Polypectomy?

Millions needlessly suffer from breathing or sleep issues because they don’t realize that the root of their problem lies in The Breathing Triangle®: the two sides of their nose and throat. It’s why we’ve pioneered a simple proven process to give you relief in three easy steps:

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    1: Discover the Root Cause

    Uncover the source of your issues with a Breathing Triangle Evaluation, CT Scan, and Home Sleep Study (if needed)

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    2: Get Your Breathing Triangle® Healthy

    Optimize your nasal breathing and airway with proven in-office Breathing Triangle solutions. If sleep apnea is a concern, you may continue treatment to keep your throat open while you sleep.

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    3: Unlock Your Potential

    Enjoy more energy, restful sleep, and better quality of life because you can breathe freely – through your nose 24/7, not your mouth.

The simple truth:

Nose OSA: 35% nasal complaint have OSA
OSA Undiagnosed: 80% OSA undiagnosed
US Snorers: 50% of US adults snore
92% of ADVENT patients left a 4- or 5-star review on Google


  1. Browne, J.P., Hopkins, C., Slack, R., Topham, J., Reeves, B., Lund, V., Brown, P., Copley, L. and van der Meulen, J. (2006), Health-Related Quality of Life after Polypectomy with and without Additional Surgery. The Laryngoscope, 116: 297-302. https://doi.org/10.1097/01.mlg.0000198338.05826.18


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