Take a deep breath, help is on the horizon

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CPAP, for many with sleep apnea, is a dirty four-letter word. But it's time to clear the air. This demonized device can significantly mitigate health risks, such as heart damage, stroke, anxiety, among others. Yet, with a paltry 30-50% compliance rate, many are left grappling with its bulky, irritating design. Here's the rub - most sleep centers that prescribe CPAP blindly assume you have a healthy nose. By addressing your underlying nasal airway issues, you can sport a smaller, more comfortable CPAP mask and potentially bypass the need for a CPAP device altogether, exploring alternatives like Oral Appliance Therapy. Take a deep breath, sleep apnea help is on the horizon.

What is a CPAP & how does it work?

A CPAP device uses air pressure, delivered through a mask or nose piece, to keep the back of your throat open while you sleep. This treatment is more comfortable and potentially more effective when the nasal airway is open and healthy. Oral Appliance Therapy is a CPAP alternative that is preferred by 96% of patients.

Why choose ADVENT for CPAP therapy?

Millions needlessly suffer from breathing or sleep issues because they don’t realize that the root of their problem lies in The Breathing Triangle®: the two sides of their nose and throat. It’s why we’ve pioneered a simple proven process to give you relief in three easy steps:

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    1: Discover the Root Cause

    Uncover the source of your issues with a Breathing Triangle Evaluation, CT Scan, and Home Sleep Study (if needed)

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    2: Get Your Breathing Triangle® Healthy

    Optimize your nasal breathing and airway with proven in-office Breathing Triangle solutions. If sleep apnea is a concern, you may continue treatment to keep your throat open while you sleep.

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    3: Unlock Your Potential

    Enjoy more energy, restful sleep, and better quality of life because you can breathe freely – through your nose 24/7, not your mouth.

The simple truth:

1 in 10 OSA (1 in 10 have sleep apnea)
OSA Undiagnosed: 80% OSA undiagnosed
OAT Cost: OAT is 2-3x less than CPAP
OAT Preference: 96% prefer OAT
CPAP Compliance: 83% CPAP compliance rate


Could Your Nose be the Cause of Your Sinus & Snoring Stress?

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