Always Tired? This 1 Thing May Be Why...

Are you feeling tired and lousy all the time? If you feel crummy every day, there may be a reason you haven't thought about. It all starts in your head…
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February 18, 2022
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February 19, 2024

As American adults - with full time jobs, bills to pay, houses to manage, kids to corral, events to attend, appointments to schedule, vehicles to maintain, partnerships to nurture, pets to take care of - it's understandable that so many of us are feeling tired, rundown or all-around feeling just not that great.

And with this daily laundry list of responsibilities (oh yeah, there's laundry to do, too), it's easy to write off those under-the-weather feelings as side effects to our daily busy lives.

The reality is, there isn't much we can do to slow down life. However, there is something you can do that can help you feel better. It all starts in your head.

No, no. We don't mean that your exhaustion and general crumminess is just all in your mind. We mean literally, it starts inside your head, where your nostrils and mouth meet your airway…

Why do I Feel Lousy All the Time?

It's very common for people to feel inexplicably unwell from day to day. And eventually, it becomes second nature, they don't even realize their potential for feeling better - because they think this is their lot in life, that there's no way out.

This general "feeling unwell" can show up in a variety of symptoms: headaches, tiredness and fatigue, weakness, overall discomfort or illness, and confusion or mental fogginess. Then when you pile on that long list of responsibilities that are bogging you down and stressing you out … Suffering from these issues every day can be quite debilitating.

Is Your Breathing Triangle to Blame?

If you're not breathing like you should - if your nose isn't working like it should - you're likely not getting restful sleep. And we all know how even one rough night can be like a domino effect for days.

Maybe the issue is right in front of your face - literally. Think about it, the holes in your face - your two nostrils and mouth - are pretty darn important. This passageway, where your mouth and nose meet your airway is what we call The Breathing Triangle®. And when it's compromised, it can really take its toll on your health and how you're feeling.

Now, you may be thinking that there's no way a space so small can wreak so much havoc on your life…

But you know from experience, breathing well - or not well - can have a huge impact on you and your daily life. Think about when you have a cold, and you're too stuffed up to sleep. Or when you struggle to catch your breath after climbing a flight of stairs. When your Breathing Triangle is obstructed, you can start feeling real miserable real quick.

Whether it presents itself as chronic congestion, frequent sinus infections, loud snoring at night, or obstructive sleep apnea, poor breathing has a ripple effect to other areas of your body and of your daily life. Thankfully, these issues can be easy to identify and easy to correct with the right care from the physicians who specialize in The Breathing Triangle® issues..

We can help get you feeling better! And our in-office procedures take on little as 20 minutes. Schedule your new patient appointment today so that you can take control of your wellness and improve your lot in life.

First published by ADVENT on
February 18, 2022
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Always Tired? This 1 Thing May Be Why...