Andrew's Sinus Solution on The Morning Blend

Andrew's Sinus Solution on The Morning Blend
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January 10, 2022
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January 11, 2022

Finally, an end to a 50-year struggle to breathe well.

[Molly Fay] Anyone with constant nasal congestion, a runny nose, multiple sinus infections, knows how frustrating life can be. In today's Sleep Well, Breathe Well series with ADVENT, we learn more about Andrew, who finally had enough after 50 years.

[Andrew] I've had sinus issues my whole life, since I was a little kid, I had just breathing problems, a lot of bronchitis, always had a cold. in winter time it was guaranteed I was going to get a cold or two. Probably 50 years.

I'm 54 years old and the suffering was- you were guaranteed that you're always going to have problems. I tried all kinds of different nasal sprays, but it was always temporary. That was kind of the deciding point in saying there's got to be a better way.

And people were saying you sound really nasally today. You start to think, boy, now people are even noticing. And I didn't even have to have cold symptoms to sound like that.

Primary care physicians, you know, when you have a physical, they always look in your nose, and they always look in your mouth. But nobody ever said that there was any issues. I was plowing snow and the advertising was on the radio.

And when you're plowing snowing, you pay a lot of attention to the radio because it's pretty boring at three in the morning. And I had my mind set after I heard the commercial and I was like, I knew that I could feel a lot better if I explored what they had to offer here.

The team at ADVENT did a very good job of taking care of me from start to finish. Treated me very well. Told me the explanation that they had for what they were going to do was spot on.

The procedure went exactly what they described. I was in the office here a short time. Went home and took care of myself for the afternoon. Since the procedure, the quality of life has improved. Major. Lost some weight, feel better, more energy, sleeping better.

The level of care was top notch from the first visit to the last. So the relationship with some of the workers that I have for landscaping has improved. I'm a much more friendly guy.

If you're at all wondering what to do or if you have sinus issues, ADVENT is the place to go to have your sinus problems solved. They solved mine.

[Molly Fay] Unbelievable how long Andrew suffered, I just- Here's the thing I want to ask you because ADVENT founder and CEO Madan Kandula is joining us now. He's met a lot of people and helped them people like Andrew who feel helpless.

[Molly Fay] Doctor, good morning to you.

[Dr. Kandula] Good morning. Good morning.

[Molly Fay] You know, I just wonder when you see people like Andrew knowing they've struggled for such a long time, are you, and not to be critical, but are you ever surprised that their primary physician has not addressed these issues?

[Dr. Kandula] No, I'm not surprised anymore, unfortunately. I mean, I've had an entire career of lessons learned that honestly, and Andrew's a good sort of example of this, most people who have these issues are simply dismissed, and I don't think it's out of malice.

I think it's out of lack of- there's so many things when you go to you see your primary care doctor, so many things that they've got to check off their box and your nose and your breathing. It's not on the list.

And even if it's something that's very, very bothersome to you as it was for Andrew, it isn't something that they really have any care or concern about. And again, I don't want to demean them, but I'm just saying that's true.

And so for us. I mean, Andrew's story, we see his kind of story all the time. There's nothing special about his story other than it's his story. The reality is the reason I'm so passionate about what we do and the reason we're so passionate about what we do is there's so many folks out there like Andrew, who just need somebody to listen to them, understand what's going on and deliver solutions. And that's exactly what we do at ADVENT.

[Molly Fay] Yeah, I want to use The Breathing Triangle® real quick as I ask this next question, because I think it really helps illustrate the point. It sounded like Andrew was kind of saying almost like he had a cold all the time.

And I wonder with patients who have this chronic sinusitis, if that's a common type of complaint.

[Dr. Kandula] Yeah, it really is. So just to clarify, The Breathing Triangle® are the three passages that we all can use to breathe, your two nostrils and then the back of your throat, your mouth. That's your airway. If those areas are working well, your body is working well.

If any one of those areas is not working well, you're compromised and it can be debilitating. And yes, I mean, just like Andrew, it is hard to know what's going on because it's happening behind the scenes. But yeah, it can be congestion.

It could be headaches, it could be drainage, it could be snoring, it could be sleep apnea or sometimes one of these things, sometimes all of these things. If the condition is chronic, like it was for Andrew, then it's very, very difficult to pin down.

And unfortunately, what you're going to get if you kind of go to big box health care is you're going to get handed something and sort of told to get going your way. When the reality is, if you have these issues, if you are suffering with conditions in these areas, it is clear as day that you have one of two things going on. Either your anatomy is not open enough, either the sinus openings or your passageways are not open enough. So there's an anatomy problem or there's a lining problem. The lining is irritated. That's it. It's one or the other.

Most of the time it's both. And for Andrew, it was both. And for Andrew, it was simply understanding that his anatomy was shutting down and his lining was irritated. But if we get things open, the lining is able to calm down, and that's the long and short of it.

[Molly Fay] Yes, so stop the temporary fixes is the message because there are simple, efficient, in-office procedures that can fix the problem and give you your life back, which is so great. Doctor, thank you so much for joining us today.

[Dr. Kandula] Thank you. Thanks for having me.

[Molly Fay] Absolutely. There are better options, as Andrew knows all too well. And today, ADVENT released some new additional patient appointments for Morning Blend viewers to be seen this week, still. So go to to schedule online.

It takes just 60 seconds. Most insurances are accepted and no referral is required. There are five southeastern Wisconsin locations, Wauwatosa, Mequon, Oconomowoc, Oak Creek and Pleasant Prairie. They also have offices in Appleton as well as the Chicagoland area.

First published by ADVENT on
January 10, 2022
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