What’s Wrong With Your Nose? One of Two Things is to Blame…

If you’re a sufferer of lifelong nose and breathing issues, you may have lost hope for any helpful treatment. However, the root causes of these problems likely lie in 1 of 2 areas: your nose’s lining or anatomy.
What's Wrong with Your Nose?Clogged Sinuses
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June 1, 2022
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March 22, 2023

There's really not much that makes up your nose and nasal passages. Essentially, it's just bone and cartilage, mucosal lining, air-filled cavities, and itty-bitty hairs. Yet, it's quite a delicate ecosystem that optimizes the air you breathe before it gets to your lungs. And it's designed with very intricate nerves that send responsive signals to your brain.

These nerves tell your brain when to open the floodgates or shut them down. But sometimes those nerves can be a little hyperactive, and the signals to your brain return back to the nose telling it to either clear things out or stop functioning altogether.

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Then you're left suffering from either a dripping, oozing nose that runs like a faucet or one that is irritated to a point of swelling and congestion. Neither of these types of noses is a fun thing to deal with, and they lead to poor sleep, sinus pressure and headaches, and frequent trips to the pharmacy for over-the-counter pills and sprays.

So what's really going on when this happens? Is it a complex diagnosis, with an intricate web of issues, that is hard to diagnose and harder to treat? Well, actually, the cause is quite simple. It's either one of two things - that's it! Yep, there's most likely only one of two causes for your unnecessary suffering.

What's Causing Your Nose Issues? It's 1 of 2 Things...

When it comes to issues with the nose, they're quite common and quite annoying. Every year, 1 in 7 adults is affected by Sinusitis, or sinus infections, and another 60 million suffer from seasonal allergies year-round. Sinus pain and pressure can be debilitating and decrease the quality of your daily life. But the thing is, the root cause is pretty simplistic, meaning it can be quite easy to treat.

Your nose issues lie in one of two areas, (1) your lining, or (2) your anatomy:

Clogged Sinuses

Lining - The lining in your nose is the mucous membrane that helps to moisten the air you breathe in. It also produces mucus which cleans that air by trapping irritants and other foreign particles.

Anatomy - The anatomy of your nose is the physical structure and cavities inside your nose and nasal passage...and how much space these physical structures take up.

If you struggle with frequent nose issues - sniffling, sneezing, stuffy or runny - one of these two things is to blame.

So what's going on with your nose's lining or anatomy to cause so much suffering?

If your lining is the culprit, it's because it's irritated and agitated. This can cause inflammation and misery. If it's your anatomy, this means things are just too tight to operate appropriately. Maybe the openings of your sinuses are too small and are unable to drain or your turbinates are too large not leaving enough room for air to move freely.

So if you think you might have a lining or an anatomy issue with your nose, maybe it's time to get your Breathing Triangle Evaluation and finally find permanent relief.

When you treat these root problems, rather than just throwing the same band-aid solutions that you find at the pharmacy, you can stop the needless suffering, pain, and frustration of dealing with a very treatable issue.

Not to oversimplify it, but that's really the gist of it! And to be clear, at ADVENT, this is all we do. We have a simple, dedicated focus on these areas - The Breathing Triangle® - so that we have the luxury of getting complex with ultra-specific and high-effective treatments you won't find anywhere else.

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June 1, 2022
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What’s Wrong With Your Nose? One of Two Things is to Blame…