Stop Struggling,
Start Living...

With simple snoring & sinus solutions

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Stop Struggling,
Start Living...

With simple snoring & sinus solutions

We are In-Network with almost every insurance plan

Get Answers To Fix Your Snoring & Sinus Issues

The simple truth is some people with sinus, snoring or sleep apnea issues have a nose that doesn’t work the way it should. So if you’ve been self-diagnosing, living in the pharmacy aisle, or dismissed by dabbling doctors…it's time to get the answers you deserve.

How It Works

3 easy steps to snoring and sinus relief...

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Focus On Feeling Better, Not Medical Bills

We understand your financial concerns with medical treatment. To help you navigate the complexity of insurance, we offer:

Cost Transparency:
We'll work with you to determine what your out of pocket costs will be...before your treatment begins.

Holistic Billing:
You won't be flooded with confusing bills. Once you've completed your treatment plan, you'll get one bill. That's it. *

Payment Flexibility: Nothing should stand in the way of improving your life. That's why we have financing and payment plans available to fit almost any lifestyle.

* One bill 120 days after you begin your treatment.

Insurance is complex. We make it simple. ADVENT accepts almost all insurance. Your first appointment is billed just like any other visit to a doctor's office. Most people just pay a co-pay.

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What We Treat

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Having sinus, snoring or sleep apnea issues can make life miserable for you…and those close to you. You deserve solutions to these fixable problems.

Our medical experts can help you solve:

  • Snoring
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Constant Fatigue
  • Pillow Drool
  • CPAP Frustration
  • Sinus Infections
  • Stuffy Nose
  • Nasal Blockage
  • Sinus Headaches
  • Mouth Breathing

Living with a snorer?

We Can Help You Get Your Snorer Fixed

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It's Time to Take Back Control of Your Life...

Let's Fix That Nose Once And For All...

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"Excellent facility and staff. After balloon sinuplasty it's the first time I can breathe properly in my 64 years!"

– Terry

"Highly recommend. Staff is friendly and courteous. Successful procedure to open my airway. Seeing a BIG difference and sleeping much better!"

- Rick

“After 48 years, I can breathe through my nose, not my mouth. The staff is awesome... I would recommend ADVENT to everyone."

– Brett