Transforming Lives

By delivering healthy Breathing Triangles

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At ADVENT, our mission is really quite simple: we deliver healthy Breathing Triangles.

It sounds simple, and in truth, it is. But in reality, if you’re suffering from non-stop sinus headaches, snoring & sleep apnea, constant congestion, or a nose that just doesn’t work…you’re probably stuck in a cycle of band-aid solutions or face the premise of a complicated surgery. And you’re left feeling frustrated – trying to live your fullest life – in mind-numbing misery.

You see, the root of these issues lies within your Breathing Triangle: the two sides of your nose and throat. We believe – and have proven -- it doesn’t have to be a hassle to fix these fixable problems.

You shouldn’t be expected to:

  • Depend on an endless list of pills, sprays, or temporary solutions that only treat your symptoms
  • Undergo anesthesia and an invasive procedure at a hospital or surgery center
  • Take days or weeks off of work for a harsh recovery
  • Stop living your life simply because you were never offered an alternative…

The bottom line is that millions needlessly suffer with these issues because they don’t realize how simple it can be to find lasting relief.

Simple Truths

OSA Undiagnosed: 80% OSA undiagnosed
Net Promoter: ADVENT has +88 NPS score
Nasal Obstruction: 20M suffer w/ nasal obstruction
CPAP Compliance: 83% CPAP compliance rate
92% of ADVENT patients left a 4- or 5-star review on Google

ADVENT is here to change this…

Our board-certified medical practice has a 100% focus on treating all areas of your Breathing Triangle. Period. That’s it. And because of this focus, we’ve been able to pioneer simple, yet effective office-based treatment options that get to the root of your issues. These proven, long-lasting solutions will help you breathe freely 24/7 through your nose, not your mouth. What does this mean for you? It means you finally have a healthy Breathing Triangle…you’ll be getting restful sleep…you’ll get renewed energy throughout the day…you’ll get to unlock your life’s potential.

"They fixed my snoring...and my sleep divorce."
- Jessica
"Today, life is just better."
- Andy
"I wish I had done it 20 years ago!"
- Alan


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Very pleased with the PA listening to me and my symptoms and having a plan to go beyond just putting a “bandaid” on my condition and sending me out the door.
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I was pleasantly surprised by the positivity in the office. I just don't experience that much in clinical settings.
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I appreciate being listened to and heard. I appreciate being given all the options that could help my situation. I also appreciate the emphasis on starting with simpler solutions and not being pushed immediately to surgery!

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