ADVENT - How Sleep Affects Your Mental Health 2021

How Sleep Affects Your Mental Health

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Always Tired? This 1 Thing May Be Why...

Are you feeling tired and lousy all the time? If you feel crummy every day, there may be a reason you haven't thought about. It all starts in your head…
Andy and Kristen at The Morning Blend Studio
The Morning Blend

Nose Open, Mouth Shut on The Morning Blend

If you are living with a constant stuffy nose and lack of energy, you’re not alone. 61% of adults are mouth breathers due to the inability to breathe freely. This is the story of Andy, an active dad who suffered from daily fatigue and headaches since childhood because of HOW he was breathing. ADVENT Physician Assistant, Kristen Duas, joins him.
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CT Scans: Your Breathing Triangle Blueprint

In 22 seconds, a CT Scan can build the blueprint to fix your sleep or sinus issues.
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Your Path To Sleep and Sinus Success with ADVENT

ADVENT knows you’ve been looking for relief for your sinus, sleep and snoring issues. We’ve created a map of your journey to long-lasting relief. Schedule your first visit today!
ADVENT Patient Andy

Andy's Sinus Journey to Breathing Better

Andy struggled with sinus headaches and breathing problems, he came to ADVENT! Watch his full journey here from struggling to breathe to living better...
Man on Red Background Pointing his Thumbs Down in Disapproval of Sleep Gimmicks

Swap Sleep Gimmicks for Real Solutions

Sleep gimmicks come in all shapes and sizes. Don't fall for the gimmicks, rely on real, long-term solutions. Here's what you need to know.
Oral Appliance TherapyThe Breathing Triangle-ADVENToral appliance ADVENTThe Breathing Triangle-ADVENTOral appliance-ADVENToral appliance-ADVENT

CPAP Alternative: Oral Appliance Therapy

Put your sleep concerns to bed with ADVENT's CPAP alternative to treating sleep apnea, like Oral Appliance Therapy. Learn more.
Man in Yellow Sweater Smiling with The Breathing Triangle Overlayed on His Face

What Is The Breathing Triangle® & Why Does It Matter?

The Breathing Triangle® is the three passages used for breathing; the two nostrils and the mouth. Many people don't know that these 3 areas are very important.
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At Home Sleep Study: How it Works & What to Expect

Learn how an at home sleep study works. Your provider may require a sleep study to get to the root of your sleep concerns. Here's what to expect.
ADVENT Patients are Thankful For Long-Term Results

ADVENT Patients Are Thankful for Long-Term Results

The staff at ADVENT is thankful for our happy and healthy patients, all year round. Hear their first-hand accounts of results after their procedures.
ADVENT ENT and One MileTeam One Mile: How Better Breathing Unlocks Peak Athletic Performance

Team One Mile: How Better Breathing Unlocks Peak Athletic Performance

One Mile is is a group of ultra cyclist about to face their next big challenge racing across america. They came to ADVENT to discuss how breathing...
Headshot of Robert's story

Robert's Story

Robert's snoring and sleep issues were costing him time with his family. He finally decided to do something about it. See how Robert's life has changed.
The Patient Journey

Your ADVENT Journey Defined

The Patient Journey™ with ADVENT is a proven process to reach simple, efficient solutions to your sinus and sleep concerns. Learn more.
Guy With Bad Breath Due to Wearing a Face Mask

Unmasking Bad Breath

What makes wearing a mask unbearable? Bad Bread...That is why we have provided some tips to help you keep your mask smelling fresh.
Man in Canoe

3 Reasons to Live Better Now

You’ve been suffering from your sinus and/or sleep concerns all year. Here are three reasons why now is the time to come into ADVENT. Learn more.

Simple In-Office Solutions for Sinus & Snoring Relief

Break free from the pharmacy aisle and let ADVENT help you breathe well and sleep well with these simple in-office ENT procedures. Learn more!

WEBINAR: Finding a Solution to Your Sleeping Concerns

ADVENT's Dr. Handler talks in-depth about common sleeping frustrations and how the ADVENT team can help you back on a healthy nighttime breathing schedule.

The Two Kinds of Sleep Apnea

Difference between snoring and sleep apnea-ADVENTdifference between snoring and sleep apnea-ADVENT

The Difference Between Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Snoring and sleep apnea go hand-in-hand. ADVENT shares the difference between snoring and sleep apnea, and when to take your snoring seriously. Learn more.

ADVENTing: Getting the Most Out of Your CPAP

Sleep apnea diagnosis has the potential for mistreatment. On this episode of ADVENTing, we discuss setting you up for success when it comes to sleep apnea.
Snore Monster in Bed

What is the Snore Monster?

New to ADVENT, but as old as mankind. The Snore Monster presents itself when you or your partner are suffering from snoring. Learn more.
Summer Allergies Photo

Getting a Grasp on Summer Allergies


Balloon Sinuplasty

ADVENT was the first ENT practice in Wisconsin to offer balloon sinuplasty surgery in-office to treat sinus and sleep concerns. Learn more!

It's Time to Sleep Together Again

Is snoring or sleep apnea driving your partner to the couch? Learn about how this simple snoring solution helped get Jessica's husband back into bed.

Is Your Child Breathing Properly?

Facial structure, snoring and sleep apnea could have long-term effects on your child's breathing if not treated properly. Learn more from Dr. Madan Kandula.

Sinus infections? Snoring? Sleep apnea?

Take the Breathing Triangle® Quiz to find Out how your nose ranks:
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