Balloon Sinuplasty Results Are No Trick

Snoring? Sleep Apnea? Sinus issues? Balloon sinuplasty might be just the fix you've been looking for. And the results are no trick, only relief!
No Trick, All Treat: Balloon Sinuplasty Results Are Sweet
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Published on
October 22, 2021
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October 26, 2022

Trick or treat. I fell asleep. Now my snore is heard down the street...

Cracks of thunder, howling werewolves, ghoulish moans, rattling chains…

The scary sounds of Halloween could use the raucous rumble of a severe snorer! Really, what's scarier than that?

Unlike the curse of the mummy and the mysterious undead, snoring can in fact be cured. Snoring is caused by the collapsing of your airways. Snoring is also further exacerbated by chronic sinus issues and inflammation. Luckily you have several options to fix your sinus issues, but many people are afraid of getting help because they think it requires complicated treatment.

Of the 31 million Americans who suffer from sinusitis and other breathing issues, most avoid seeking treatment because of the perceived impacts.

Surgery means downtime and time away from work, family and obligations.

It can also mean money out of pocket and potential financial strain on your family.

People are forced to weigh the options of suffering with broken airways and balancing on the edge of bankruptcy.

Luckily, there's an option for you that can ease these main objections.

A minimally-invasive Balloon Sinuplasty may be just the treat you're looking for this spooky season. This is an endoscopic, catheter-based procedure that opens up blocked sinuses and can be the perfect solution for those who don't want -- or need -- to undergo a traditional sinus surgery.

You can finally get the answers to what's been plaguing you by undergoing a thorough Breathing Triangle® examination, followed by detailed next steps and a plan designed specifically for you. You'll even receive guidance through the complexities of insurance to ensure there are no surprises!

This procedure corrects the issues at the source - as opposed to many other treatments that only treat the symptoms - and can help you avoid a hospital visit and a long recovery period. Most patients who opt for a Balloon Sinuplasty report less than half a day of "taking it easy" before getting back to their daily routines of work and play.

If you suffer from chronic breathing issues and infections, are no longer responding to antibiotics or over-the-counter treatments, or are just plain tired of the side effects of snoring, a Balloon Sinuplasty could be just the treat you're looking for.

First published by ADVENT on
October 22, 2021
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Balloon Sinuplasty Results Are No Trick