Jodi’s Story: Breathing Just to Breathe

ADVENT Knows Reviews: Read about Jodi's ADVENT experience in solving her breathing issues.
ADVENT Patient Testimonial - Sinus - Jodi
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July 29, 2021
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September 2, 2021

Most people never know just how compromised their breathing is until they get it corrected.

Jodi had suffered with sinus and allergy issues for so long that she forgot what it was like to breathe normally. Throughout all seasons, she was back and forth from the doctor's office with sinus infections.

"My sinus issues affected my quality of life, in a lot of different ways," Jodi recalls.

"Some were very obvious, with having time away, just feeling sick, going for treatment with sinus infections, and just not feeling well...probably sleeping a little bit more and staying around the house when I wasn't feeling well. And I also had reactions and symptoms from sinus infections that I wasn't even aware of at the time."

Anxiety, Pain, and Sinus Infections: Jodi Hit Her Breaking Point

This constant ache and discomfort were draining her energy and causing a variety of problems. From losing time with her family while she felt down and out, to lackluster interaction with clients at work, she hadn't realized how much it was impacting her daily life.

Over time, she began to put other pieces to the puzzle together and even realized how many other issues she regularly dealt with were all related to her sinus problems.

Anxiety. Pain in her jaw, ears, and face. All-around tiredness and a lack of energy. "I had no idea all of that was attributed to my sinuses."

Jodi faced a barrage of issues every day and sought treatment to resolve them.

"In the past, I've gone to doctors frequently, which includes ENTs, general physicians, that type of care, so specialists really.

"I've had CT scans, multiple tests, and just nothing was ever brought up about the issues that I was really having. Everything made me feel comfortable that there wasn't anything serious going on, but it didn't resolve the recurring issues that I was having. And it was really frustrating to not feel well all the time."

From Being Dismissed To Finally Capturing Someone's Attention

So every day, Jodi fought the tiredness and discomfort, until she visited ADVENT. She spent time with one of the ADVENT physicians, which made her feel heard, understood, and cared for. She fondly recalls how attentive and responsive the ADVENT staff was during her visit.

"From the first time I called - when I was feeling at my worst - the response was amazing and so quick. I felt like they cared. And that theme carried throughout my whole experience."

She was comforted by knowing exactly what to expect before, during, and after her balloon sinuplasty procedure.

"The most amazing thing is that I noticed my breathing changed immediately. Even through the healing process, my breathing was nothing like I'd experienced and every time I would come in and they'd say, 'It's going to get better. You're still just healing.' And I'm like, I don't understand how it could get better because I feel wonderful right now."

With every deep, clean breath she takes, Jodi feels her symptoms melt away - even the ones she never had associated with her sinus issues. In the beginning, she was frustrated by band-aid solutions and feeling like she wasn't being heard. Now, as her jaw hangs naturally and she breathes comfortably through her nose, she feels more relaxed and less tense.

"I found myself breathing just to breathe, to feel just how pure and natural it felt."

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First published by ADVENT on
July 29, 2021
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Jodi’s Story: Breathing Just to Breathe