Andy's Sinus Journey to Breathing Better

Andy struggled with sinus headaches and breathing problems, he came to ADVENT! Watch his full journey here from struggling to breathe to living better...
ADVENT Patient Andy
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October 28, 2021
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March 23, 2023

Andy struggled with breathing issues all his life and he thought that's just the way it is. That's when he decided to come to ADVENT, to breathe better and get his life back. View his whole Journey Here...

  • CT Scan & Treatment Plan: While examining his anatomy, Dr. Handler explained his primary issues reside within the areas along the sidewalls of the airways... Watch Now >>>
  • A "Broken" Nose Mended: During his procedure, his ADVENT Sinus and Sleep Surgeon Dr. Handler expertly navigated Andy's nasal passages and gave him the play-by-play. He narrated the entire event as he... Watch Now >>>
  • 1 Week & 3 Week Follow Up: "It was reassuring to see where I was at compared to where I was supposed to be, and that what I was going through was completely normal..." Watch Now >>>
  • 6 Week Follow Up: It's been 6 weeks since Andy's balloon sinuplasty and turbinate reduction and he's visiting the ADVENT office for another follow-up appointment. "I played quite a bit of volleyball last week, and at no point did I have to stop to catch my breath. That's basically the first time that's ever happened in my life..." Watch Now >>>
  • 12 Week Follow Up: It's been 12 weeks since Andy underwent a balloon sinuplasty and turbinate reduction at an ADVENT clinic. And it's the day he's handed a clean bill of health. At this visit, Andy has a final scan and an exam with Dr. Handler who walks him through his results by sharing before and after imaging of his airways... Watch Now >>>
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October 28, 2021
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Andy's Sinus Journey to Breathing Better