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Reflecting On 2020 With Gratitude

Thinking back on 2020 with supreme gratitude for all of the patients who have come to seek out our care over the course of this challenging year...

In March, it was really unclear what the pathway forward was going to be. There were so many changes with masks, social distancing, lockdowns, and all those kinds of things. The purpose of ADVENT -- and the only reason we exist -- is to help and serve our patients. Nothing makes us happier in the world than to do that! The response of all of our patients, who've come through and surmounted incredible obstacles to come to see us is a remarkable thing...and we do not take that for granted.


In 2020 we've served more patients than we ever have in the history of ADVENT…which is a great thing. So for all the flaws of 2020, there are some good things in 2020, and I think those will help us in 2021 and beyond...


So, to you, our patients…thank you.

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