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Milwaukee Magazine 2020 Top Doctors list was just released. Nominated by their peers this year were Dr. Ethan Handler and Dr. R. Nikolaus Schmidt of ADVENT.
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May 11, 2020
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March 23, 2023

Nominated by their peers for Milwaukee Magazine's Top Doctor list for 2020 are Ethan Handler, MD, and R. Nikolaus Schmidt, MD, of ADVENT.

ADVENT Top Doctors
Advent Wauwatosa Clinic

Ethan Handler, MD

Dr Ethan Handler
ADVENT ENT Ethan Handler, MD

Ethan Handler, MD, brings the daily mindset of selflessly serving others. While many may find this humble MD approach a rarity, he has made it his passion after seeing the underserved healthcare needs firsthand through medical missionary work completed in his residency.

Dr. Handler has played an integral role in ADVENT's intentional shift from a general ENT to treating nose and throat issues exclusively. This niche focus allows him, along with all ADVENT physicians, to serve the need for simple and effective solutions for sleep and breathing issues.

Continually recognized for his genuine, real-life approach, Dr. Handler has personally helped over 1,500 people change their life within his first three years at ADVENT. Given his passion to educate other about these quality of life issues, Dr. Handler has teamed up with ADVENT President and Founder, Madan Kandula, MD, on a weekly ADVENTing vlog in addition to a series of educational webinars.

Dr. Handler currently works out of ADVENT's Milwaukee / Wauwatosa location.

R. Nikolaus Schmidt, MD

Dr. Richard Schmidt - ADVENT
ADVENT ENT R. Nikolaus Schmidt, MD

Driven to provide solutions instead of temporary fixes for patients, R. Nikolaus Schmidt, MD, took the leap from a traditional healthcare system after many years to the medical maverick mindset of ADVENT.  With nearly two years at ADVENT, he's regained the ability to put patient care first and provide life changing results from an office setting and go into the operating room only when it is the best option for the patient.

Known for his ability to listen to the patient and develop a care plan tailored to individual needs, Dr. Schmidt is widely loved by all of the lives he has changed on Milwaukee's North Shore and Lake Country areas.

Dr. Schmidt currently works out of ADVENT's Mequon and Oconomowoc locations.

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May 11, 2020
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