The World's Smallest, Easiest At Home Sleep Study...EVER!

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September 22, 2021
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March 22, 2023
Sleep Study In A Lab

When you think of sleep studies you probably imagine laying in a strange bed, in a strange place, with strange people watching and judging every move you make. You're attached to hundreds of cords, monitors, and machines. All of this hardware is humming, buzzing and beeping away insistently. The sleep lab technician flicks the lights off and whispers: "Get a good night's sleep."

Yeah, right!

The truth doesn't have to be this miserable of an experience. Thanks to new innovations in sleep technology you can say goodbye to the wires, monitors, and observers. Let's put your worries to bed and introduce you to the future of sleep technology!

The Future of Sleep, in the Palm of your Hand

Our new sleep monitoring system is the easiest and smallest sleep study available. It's about as intrusive than having a bandaid on your finger, and it's as simple as a few clicks on an app on your phone. This FDA-approved device gives us the information we need to truly identify, diagnose, and treat your sleep symptoms.

Home Sleep Study In The Palm Of Your Hands

It tracks the length of your sleep, the quality of your sleep, and how often you stop breathing in your sleep. Instead of needing to visit a sleep study lab and getting hooked up to a bunch of beeping monitors, this sleep study makes gathering this crucial information easier than ever.

This groundbreaking technology is changing the game and how we can help our ADVENT patients with their breathing and sleep issues.

Putting Sleep Apnea in its Place

Obstructive sleep apnea affects more than 80 million American adults, and is grossly underdiagnosed. The troubling thing about OSA is that it goes beyond an inconvenient sleep pattern. It can drastically affect your cardiovascular system, causing heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and even mental health issues.

Tragically, it's a growing cause of death that will likely never be addressed because you'll never find OSA on a death certificate. However, you will find "stroke" or "heart attack," which can often be prevented with better sleep, leading to better air and blood flow.

So, if you are having trouble getting a good night's sleep, find yourself snoring or stopping breathing in your sleep, or battle all-around, every-day crumminess...we can help. Schedule an appointment to see if an ADVENT at-home sleep study is right for you. If you're ever found an excuse not to do a sleep study, there's never been a better time - or easier method - to finally answer the question: "Do I have sleep apnea?"

It's time to stop putting it off. Your life literally depends on it.

Breathe Well. Sleep Well. Live Better.

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First published by ADVENT on
September 22, 2021
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The World's Smallest, Easiest At Home Sleep Study...EVER!