ADVENT Comes to Appleton, WI

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June 1, 2020
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February 20, 2023

ADVENT Founders Gwen Kandula, AuD, and Madan Kandula, MD, welcome Fox Valley residents to a higher standard of care built on simple, in-office solutions.

Fox Valley, it's time to say good bye to your nasal sprays and sleep aids. Join the thousands of ADVENT patients who have finally found the relief they deserve. Schedule your appointment now, call us at 920.214.1368, or stop in and visit us at 247 S Nicolet Rd, Appleton, WI.

*ADVENT no longer does virtual visits

[Gwen] Hi Fox Valley, we're ADVENT, and we are so excited to be opening our office June first up in your neck of the woods. I'm Gwen Van Roy Kandula and I'm throwing in the Van Roy because that's my people up in the Fox Valley, where I was born and raised, and typically when we do a grand opening, we have a big party and we get to have tons of fun and have everybody come out and see us and meet everyone. But this year, with COVID, we are not able to yet, so we thought we'd put together a little video to welcome all of you to our office and to our practice. I'd like to introduce my husband, Madan Kandula. And he and I started ADVENT--

[Madan] Yeah, a long time, 2004, so it's been a while and we are, we're a medical practice, we focus on nose and throat issues. So, really what that means, what does that mean? It means you can't breathe nose, we can help ya. You got sinus infections, we can help ya. Allergies, snoring, sleep apnea, all those things, all of those things are nose issues and throat issues. And some of those things are both of those things combined. And so, we started the practice here in Milwaukee, and we've been growing immensely because there's just a demand. There's a demand for what we do, which is wonderful. A big demand coming out of the Fox Valley, so we've gotten a ton of folks comin' down from the Fox Valley, making the drive to Milwaukee, seeing us down here, and we've heard you. We've heard that you want us up there and we want to be there. That's really where we started as a married couple. That's where Gwen started as a person, literally, and so it's pretty cool to be able to put our stake in the ground up there.

[Gwen] So, right now I know it's a weird time to try to go anywhere for some people. So if you wanna come and see us, there's two different ways you can do that. You can definitely come see us in the office and we're taking all the precautions available to make sure that's a safe place. But if you'd like to get started on your journey to better breathing and feeling better, you can also start with a virtual* appointment. And those can be found on our website and we've had some really great success with doin' those. It's been a really nice option and I think we might even continue with it after all this.

[Madan] Yeah, and we will. People have really found those appointments very very comforting, very convenient, which is nice, a lot of what we need to do to help you is really listening to you. And so we can listen virtually*, as well as in person. And the nice thing with kinda havin' the two options is if virtual* makes sense for you, you can do that at times that are convenient for you. And we can really get the ball rolling towards getting you taken care of, which is nice and then we can kinda reserve the times, for the in person times for when they're absolutely necessary. So it's really nice to have those two options. And we're gonna embrace those options. ADVENT is, part of what we do, is embracing technology. We've done that since we started, we're gonna do that moving forward. And so, we're learning how to make this work for our patients on the go and that's a good thing. And so it's a good thing because we're always going to be advocating for what's best for you, and this is best for you. At the end of the day, if we can really make this work and work well for you, that's good. We can actually care for you better that way, and so yes, we're gonna keep doing that. We're gonna keep kinda pushing the envelope and we hope to earn your trust and earn your respect in helping you guys out. So we're really looking forward to helping you out up there.

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June 1, 2020
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ADVENT Comes to Appleton, WI