William's ADVENT Review: "My quality of life is 1,000% better"

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Published on
June 11, 2021
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March 23, 2023

No taste. No smell. Poor sleep. Mouth breathing...

Do these issues sound familiar to you? These all too common complaints were a part of William's daily life. He suffered with these breathing issues for more than five years. After trying to get help numerous times, his doctor kept insisting "It's just allergies."

Even he hoped it was that simple - it made sense because he works outside. However, when it would worsen in the winter, when seasonal allergens are virtually nonexistent, he knew something else had to be going on.

Living with the misery of chronic sinus problems

He was uncomfortably congested all the time. His nose was perpetually stuffy. His ears would pop and it would even get too painful to talk. It was more than an inconvenience, it was hampering his quality of life.

He was repeatedly prescribed nasal sprays. They never worked. In fact, no matter how much he willed it to go away, his condition continued to worsen. He was tired all the time from tossing and turning all night long. A good night's sleep was non-existent. After years of dealing with this chronic misery, he was fed up with not having answers.

He was determined to finally solve his sinus problems.

Finally, the solution to fix his constant stuffy nose

William decided to call ADVENT. To his surprise, they scheduled him for a virtual visit* the same day. He literally went from searching ENT on Google to getting answers to his nagging sinus issues in a few short hours.

He couldn't believe how simple and easy the virtual visit* was. It even saved him missed time from work and a trip into the ADVENT ENT Clinic in Milwaukee / Wauwatosa, WI. He remembers the visit fondly; a quick conversation and questions from the Sleep and Sinus Specialist. He was then given a roadmap of what to expect next in the journey to solve his sinus mystery.

Then, at his first face-to-face visit at the ADVENT ENT clinic, he got tested for allergies. He knew by the care he received and the action the team took that he was finally going to get the answers he deserved - and desperately needed.

"The level of care was excellent, from the moment I walked in." He recalls. "I could tell when they figured out it wasn't allergies, they wanted to find the problem and diagnose me quickly -- because they knew I was suffering."

After having done the allergy testing, William promptly received a CT scan.

"The CT scan was amazing. Coming in, I had no idea what it was going to be and how long it would take for results. And it was great. It took only a few short minutes, and we had the results immediately. I talked to the doctor, he showed me side by side of what I am, and what I should be with the CT scan....

"They even worked with my insurance company, so I never had to worry about it."

All within this quick visit, William's years of pain and misery were finally going to be resolved by identifying the root problem and with a custom, made-for-him treatment plan.

After receiving his in-office procedure - a minimally invasive Balloon Sinuplasty that took about 20 minutes - William could have returned to work … but instead opted for deer hunting. Within two days, he was pain-free and getting back to the things he loves to do most.

Life with an ADVENT 'nose'

"Since my procedure, my quality of life is a thousand times better. I can taste, I can smell, I can breathe out of my nose. Everything they said they were going to do...happened!"

And when it comes to how he feels about the care he received:

"Ten out of ten. First-class. Definitely worth it, one million percent!"

*ADVENT no longer does virtual visits

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First published by ADVENT on
June 11, 2021
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William's ADVENT Review: "My quality of life is 1,000% better"