Swap Sleep Gimmicks for Real Solutions

Sleep gimmicks come in all shapes and sizes. Don't fall for the gimmicks, rely on real, long-term solutions. Here's what you need to know.
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January 8, 2020
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March 2, 2023

Tasking a funky looking face mask you bought online to solve your snoring issues is a bold move. You saw the ad, believed the ad, and now your wallet is lighter but your sleep is as restless as ever. It's okay, the "quick fix," angle can be alluring when you're in a bind. But a real solution doesn't come in the form of an infomercial product. It comes with the ability to breathe freely both day and night.

For those of you that suffer from snoring, CPAP frustration, or other sleep-related afflictions, you'll see the market's flooded with sleep gimmicks like specialized mattresses, pillows, chinstraps, nasal inserts and other products we're sure to be missing that claim to be reliable solutions. The point is that companies attempt to push the "quick fix" product onto consumers. They promise your snoring reduces by a certain percentage with the help of a once-a-day capsule or that a $159 pillow (shipping & handling not included) is the viable solution to stopping your snoring.

Um...certainly not.

Just like you don't call a house cat a lion, we don't call a gimmick a solution. And that's exactly what they are - gimmicks.

The Sleep Facts

According to the National Sleep Foundation, approximately 90 million Americans are serial snorers and if you're reading this article you may be part of that group. In addition to that, 22 million of these people have sleep apnea, with 80% of moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea going undiagnosed.

Why You Can't Sleep

Yes, some teas and blankets calm your anxiety before bed, but they gear towards making it easier to fall asleep, not stay asleep. If you're snoring or waking up each night with a stuffed-up nose or frustrated with a CPAP mask that doesn't work, the root of your sleep problem lies in your breathing passages. And if any one of those passages isn't working, you won't sleep well - and there's no mattress, pill, or other gimmick that can fix that.

The recipe for a good night's sleep starts with an open airway.

Your Sleep Treatment Options

Now, there are devices that can help solve snoring or sleep apnea problems. If you walk into a sleep center, know you'll walk out with a CPAP. And you might find other options elsewhere, but the simple truth is if your nose doesn't work properly, no device will help.

Only at ADVENT will you find every effective snoring and sleep apnea solution, along with a world class team that can get your nose working properly again.

What You Get With Gimmicks

You'll notice there isn't a single "quick fix," "anti-snoring technique," or "buy now before the offer expires," advocated by us because we aren't in the business of gimmicks. Companies advocate their product as a "long-term solution to snoring," but the fact is there isn't proof behind the statement. What you can expect with those is the continued purchasing of pseudo-solutions like the ones we've listed below.

Comparison-Table (2)

If you were to use all four of the low-end products, over 30 years you will have spent a total of $6,490. Would you rather spend that on products with no scientific backing or take a beautiful all-inclusive vacation with your partner and make memories that will last a lifetime?

That's the low end. If you're willing to do whatever it takes to put the snoring to sleep (we can't help ourselves), you might spend the big bucks. If you choose to use high-end products, you could potentially pay a whopping $71,300 over 30 years. And all for naught as your breathing problems will have continued over those three decades. You can do a lot with $71,300. A...lot.

Would you rather spend money on multiple products that require frequent replacing or a one-time treatment plan that allows you to breathe well and live better? Instead of being restless, decide to rest easier.

Take the first step to improving your life.

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January 8, 2020
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Swap Sleep Gimmicks for Real Solutions