3 Places You Should Think About Hearing Protection

Hearing loss is no joke and hearing protection is crucial. Learn about 3 hidden places for damaging noise from ADVENT co-founder, Dr. Gwen Kandula.
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March 20, 2019
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November 24, 2020

We all know we need to wear hearing protection when doing things like cutting the lawn, blowing snow, or using our power tools, but there are many regular activities that too many of us overlook. As a mother of three, in addition to being an Audiologist, ADVENT co-founder Dr. Gwen Kandula is too familiar with the discomfort and inconvenience that can come with larger headsets which leads people to dismissing the importance of protecting their ears. Below are her top three sleeper spots to watch out for damaging noise and tips on how you can protect yourself under the radar.

Why You Should Care

According to the Hearing Health Foundation, the number of American's with hearing loss doubling between 2000-2015. Globally the number is up by 44%. This rapid growth has led hearing loss to become the second most prevalent health issue globally - which is more than those living with Parkinson’s, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes combined.

We also know that other issues, such as sleep apnea, can attribute to hearing loss so we often have patients that come to ADVENT hearing center but transition into going through our Sleep Journey as we are able to determine the root causes of nose and throat issues.

Source: Hearing Health Foundation

Source: Hearing Health Foundation

3 Hidden Places for Damaging Noise


Hearing protection shouldn’t be just for overseas flights; even a short flight can cause enough noise exposure to damage your hearing. Don’t even think about watching a movie or listening to your iPhone without your noise reduction headphones. I was once caught without my hearing protection and opted to use regular ear buds. In order to hear anything, the volume had to be a full on. Try that in quiet and you’ll be shocked at how loud it is!

Bonus: The quieter you make the cabin, the easier it is to imagine you’re in first class.


As smoothies and protein shakes have gained popularity, we’ve seen more and more people using their blenders daily. It is shocking to me that the noise on these machines is not controlled better. I keep a set of industrial head phone next to the blender and use them often, and always if I’m blending ice.

Bonus: I’d love to say the quieter blender will lead you to eat healthier and lose weight, but this has definitely NOT been scientifically proven. But you will look like a master margarita maker at your next party.


Even though I feel like this is obvious, I’m always shocked at the number of people not wearing hearing protection to see their favorite shows. As a music lover, I promise you will enjoy the show just as much with the volume turned down a bit. If you’re a frequent concert goer like me, we make custom hearing protection that you don’t even see. But if I forget, I’ve got a stash of neon yellow foam plugs in my car for backup.

Bonus: The only thing you’ll miss is the ringing in your ears for the next three days.

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First published by ADVENT on
March 20, 2019
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3 Places You Should Think About Hearing Protection