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Old Family Photo of ADVENT ENT Dr. Madan Kandula

There’s a commonly referenced quote by Laurie Jean Sennott that says: “Every flower must grow from dirt.” When Dr. Madan Kandula recalls his personal story, he can closely resonate with this quote. His story — not unlike many others — is one of rising from the ashes. Actually, rising from the dirt in which he…

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Illustration of a Man Sleeping in a Bed and a Women Sleeping on the Couch They're in a Sleep Divorce

Confessions of a Snore Partner JOURNAL ENTRY #10: Well it finally happened. The thing I’ve dreaded most in our 10 years of marriage: Our very first sleep divorce.  Okay, I’m exaggerating. Definitely not our very first, but certainly our first in our new house. At our old house, when I resigned to the couch, the…

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How to Sleep with Sleep Apnea

Do you remember when you were a kid how much you would hate it when your parents would tell you it was time for bed? It’s pretty common for kids to go kicking and screaming and find every excuse to stay up just a little bit longer… And now, as an adult we wish we…

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