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Dr. Kandula on Windy City LIVE


Dr. Kandula went on Windy City LIVE to talk about the simple, in-office solutions that are changing peoples’ lives with minimal downtime.     [Ryan] Welcome back to Windy City LIVE everybody. Do you have trouble breathing? Do you snore at night? Are your sinuses driving you crazy? Well, there is help out there and…

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Erik’s Treatment Plan

ADVENT Erik's Treatment Plan

With the results from his sleep study and CT scan, Erik and Dr. Kandula are ready to formulate a treatment plan to deal with his sinus and sleep apnea issues.     If you haven’t read the last part of Erik’s journey, check it out here. Transcript: – [Dr. Kandula] So, if you can’t breathe properly…

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My Partner Snores…Now What?

You witness your partner snoring every night but when you try to talk to him or her about it, the conversation falls on deaf ears. If this sounds familiar, here’s what you can do… The simple truth is when snoring exists in a household everyone is effected. Often times the bed partner of the snorer…

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Milwaukee Business Journal Reveals 2020 Fastest Growing Firms

Every year the Milwaukee Business Journal recognizes the fastest growing firms. This year, ADVENT joins the list of 21 other local businesses on the list. The Fastest Growing Firms recognition is known for highlighting those businesses that drive to be the best in their field, and we are humbled to be joining this accomplished group.…

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Erik’s CT Scan

ADVENT Erik's CT Scan

Before treating his sleep apnea, ADVENT takes a look inside Erik’s nose and sinuses with a state-of-the-art CT scan. What they find may explain why he struggled to make CPAP work.     If you haven’t read the last part of Erik’s journey, check it out here. Transcript: Hey everybody, Erik here. So a quick update…

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Erik’s Sleep Study Follow-Up

Erik's Sleep Study Follow-up

Tiffany from ADVENT goes over the results of Erik’s home sleep study and what those numbers mean for his sleep apnea treatment options.     If you haven’t read the last part of Erik’s journey, check it out here. Transcript: Hi, everybody. Erik here, continuing my ADVENT sleep journey. Got the results back from my home…

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Dentists: Rivals or Collaborators

This week on ADVENTing, Dr. Kandula and Dr. Handler discuss the similarities and differences between ENTs and Dentists. Should they be seen as rivals or collaborators? – Hey, Dr. Madan Kandula, founder here at ADVENT and your host of ADVENTing. Thank you for watching or listening to us again. I’m here with Dr. Ethan Handler.…

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The Heart Works for the Nose

In this episode of ADVENTing, Dr. Kandula and Dr. Handler debate who works for whom the heart or the nose. – Hey, Dr. Madan Kandula with ADVENT, your host for ADVENTing, where we talk about everything ENT related and not ENT related sometimes too, with Dr. Ethan Handler. How are you doing? – I’m doing…

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Understanding Sleep to Live a Healthier Life on The Morning Blend

ADVENT Morning Blend CPAP Struggles

ADVENT Founder and President, Dr. Madan Kandula, went on The Morning Blend with Erik—an ADVENT team member turned patient—to share his personal struggle with sleep and CPAP.     Transcript: [Tiffany] And welcome back. Well, our next guest was hopeless about sleeping. He felt like he was living in a fog, always tired, and his…

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Erik’s Home Sleep Study


Erik’s unboxes, sets up and conducts his ADVENT home sleep study. How does it compare to his previous in-lab sleep study?     If you haven’t read the last part of Erik’s journey, check it out here. Transcript: Hi, everybody. Erik here with a sleep journey update. I just got my home sleep test. So,…

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