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Erik’s Virtual Visit

Erik's Virtual Exam

My journey starts with a virtual visit and exam with an ADVENT sleep & sinus expert.     Part 2 – Let’s Chat     If you haven’t read part 1 of Erik’s journey, check it out here. Hi everyone, Erik here again continuing to document my journey with ADVENT to try and fix my…

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The Great Mask Debate

On this episode of ADVENTing, Dr. Kandula and Dr. Handler discuss the NBA vs MLB starting to play agian before wading into the great mask debate. – Hey, Dr. Madan Kandula with ADVENT, here with our latest addition of ADVENTing. I’m here with my cohost, Dr. Ethan Handler. How are you doing? – I’m doing…

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Second-hand Snoring

ADVENT Help Your Snorer

– Hey, Dr. Madan Kandula with ADVENT and your host of ADVENTing. Where we talk about everything ENT-related and the world in general around us. I am here with Dr. Ethan Handler our co-host. How are you doing? – I’m doing well. – We are here, what is it July 5th? – July 6th actually.…

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Erik’s Sleep Apnea Journey

Erik and His CPAP Masks

My unsuccessful sleep apnea treatment from traditional big-box healthcare left me feeling frustrated and dismissed, but ADVENT is giving me hope for the life I want to live.     My name is Erik and I have sleep apnea.     About six years ago things came to a head. My partner was growing more…

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Brain Fog

On this episode of ADVENTing, Dr. Kandula and Dr. Handler discuss the issue of Brain Fog and how sleep can be your best option to combat it. – Hey, it’s Doctor Madan Kandula with ADVENT, your host of “ADVENTing”. I’m here with Doctor Ethan Handler. Hello, how’re you doing? – I’m doing well. – All…

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Deep Dive: The One Mile Project

ADVENT is pleased to announce it is Sponsoring TEAM One Mile for the 2021 Race Across America. – Right so, again, I want to thank you guys for the sponsorship for One Mile. One Mile truly is a growing social media network of leaders that are out there in their communities, inspiring and motivating people…

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7 Ways to Survive Allergy Season This Summer


  Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic illness in the United States. If you are one of the 50 million Americans who experience various types of allergies each year, we feel your pain.  From sinus swelling to itchy and watery eyes, uncomfortable symptoms can prevent you from feeling your best self throughout the…

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