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Your Billing Questions Answered

ADVENT representative on the phone

  You’ve finally addressed your sinus and/or sleep concerns and are getting back on track to living better. Whether you’ve completed your first visit with The Breathing Triangle® evaluation or you’re visiting ADVENT as a 6-week follow-up to a procedure, you know the bill will inevitably hit your mailbox.   ADVENT knows how overwhelming medical…

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ADVENTing: Maximizing Your Deductible

ADVENTing Maximizing Your Deductible

It’s the time of year when cooler weather is upon us, the holidays are around the corner and you’ve met insurance deductible. Dr. Madan Kandula and Dr. Ethan Handler of ADVENT discuss how to maximize your deductible and why now is the time to start your journey to living better: “The year is, it’s fall…

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ADVENT Named Future 50 Company by MMAC-COSBE

ADVENT Team at Future 50 Luncheon

For 32 consecutive years, the Metro Milwaukee Association of Commerce’s (MMAC) Council of Small Business Executives (COSBE) has been recognizing fast-growing companies in the Milwaukee region for their business and employment growth in their Future 50 Awards Program. This year, ADVENT is proud to be recognized as a Future 50 company.   At ADVENT, we…

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Molly’s Story

Molly ADVENT testimonial

Molly was stuck in a cycle of antibiotics and unanswered questions. See how this mom was able to overcome a battle with sinus infections and spend quality time with her family: “I came to ADVENT because I was experiencing recurrent sinus infections.   I just felt like I wasn’t really getting anywhere with my primary…

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3 Reasons to Live Better Now

Man in Canoe

Months have come and gone, and the seasons have changed, but here you are, still suffering from the inability to breathe well and sleep well. But if your nose isn’t working properly, you simply can’t — which can lead to a chronic sinus infections, constant stuffy or runny nose, snoring or sleep apnea. If you…

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Kirk’s Story

Kirk's Story

Kirk had been suffering from snoring for years. He and his wife are both able to sleep now that he finally got to the root of his concerns and ditch his CPAP machine. Here’s his story: “I have had sleep issues, mainly heavy snoring, all my life.   To resolve my issue, one, ADVENT are…

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Fighting for Your Rights

Fighting ADVENT

Health insurance is complex, overwhelming and at times even frustrating. When it comes to needing medical care or prescriptions, why is it that the first question to pop into your mind is, “Will my insurance cover this?”   It’s the insurance game that has you conditioned to put the insurance company’s needs first. And, you’re…

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Seasonal Sinus Infection Relief on The Morning Blend

Sinus Infection Relief on The Morning Blend

Seasonal sicknesses can trigger existing sinus issues and a never-ending cycle of sinus infections and pharmacy trips. Hear why sinus infections are on the rise and how you may be able to find some serious relief from ADVENT Founder, Madan Kandula, MD, on TMJ4’s The Morning Blend. Take the first step to improving your life.…

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ADVENT Comes to Vernon Hills, IL

Between the pharmacy trips, nasal sprays, sleep aids and sleepless nights, you’ve encountered many barriers when it comes to finding relief for your sinus and sleep issues. You’re willing to cross state lines if it means an end to your suffering. Chicagoland, you no longer need to suffer from ineffective treatment for your sinus and…

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