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Overcoming a Broken Healthcare System with ADVENT

Dr. Kandula with patient

You just left your doctor’s office and you feel like you’ve been put through the wringer. Well, you were. It’s not your moderate congestion, the headaches or the bags under your eyes that have you feeling exhausted and frustrated. It’s our broken healthcare system. You’re already dealing with sinus and/or sleep issues, so why is…

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Breathe Well: IRONMAN Story

IRONMAN athlete Mike training

Mike had been struggling from chronic sinus infections for years. Here’s  how this IRONMAN triathlete’s performance improved once he decided to make a change: “My name is Mike and I am a passionate, endurance athlete.   I first started realizing that I have sinus issues in college with reoccurring sinus infections, and the problem I…

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ADVENT Comes to Oak Creek

ADVENT Oak Creek Exterior Image

Breathing and sleeping shouldn’t have to be so hard and you’ve wasted enough time with temporary relief and pharmacy aisle visits from your sinus and sleep concerns. ADVENT knows the frustration and exhaustion you’ve been feeling from the ineffective treatment options and we’re here to help. In fact, we’ve moved into your own backyard.  …

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ADVENT Comes to Pleasant Prairie

ADVENT Pleasant Prairie Exterior

When it comes to finding a solution for your sinus and sleep issues, ADVENT understands the measures you’ve taken for relief.  You’ve been stuck in a cycle of sleepless nights and trips down the pharmacy aisle and you’re willing to go the distance. Southeastern Wisconsin & Chicagoland area, you no longer have to suffer from…

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How Your Body was Built to Breathe

Woman sitting outside breathing

Hi, I’m Dr. Madan Kandula with ADVENT. Today, we’re going talk about how your body was built to breathe.   The first thing that we really need to discuss is why you have the equipment that you have. Why does your nose exist? Why is it better to breathe through your nose versus your mouth?…

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Madan Kandula, MD, Awarded 2019 BizTimes Bravo! Entrepreneur

Photo of Dr Madan Kandula- President and Founder of ADVENT

In 2004, Madan Kandula, MD, embarked on a journey, along with his wife, Gwen Kandula, AuD, to redefine the patient experience, ultimately leaving behind the long wait times, uncertainty and dismissal, and move towards innovation, memorable care and simple in-office sinus and sleep solutions. ADVENT was born.   Dr. Kandula’s vision for ADVENT is to help…

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Why ADVENT is the Right Fit for You

  You’ve tried getting to the bottom of your sinus and/or sleep issues and it’s frustrating. You’re exhausted. You’ve wasted your time and money. You’ve spent countless hours tossing and turning at night, only to wander down the pharmacy aisle the next day, trying to determine which nasal spray or sleep aid will solve your…

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Physician Leadership: The Mouth Breathing Effect

Dr. Madan Kandula and Dr. Ethan Handle discussing Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing. No one seems to be talking about it, how it starts and the long-term effects it has on your facial structure and overall breathing. Madan Kandula, MD and Ethan Handler, MD sit down to discuss the effects of mouth breathing, why you should be concerned and how to explore your options: Interviewer: “Hi!…

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Robert’s Story

Headshot of Robert's story

Robert’s snoring and sleep issues were costing him time with his family. Here’s what happened when he finally decided to do something about it: “About a year ago, I noticed that I was waking up and not feeling rested and I would be tired all day. I would come home and just sit on the…

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Hope’s Life at ADVENT

At ADVENT, we support personal and professional growth. Here’s how ADVENT gave Hope the tools she needed to find her passion: “ADVENT represents a dream; an opportunity for people to feel better. Also, it gives the opportunity for their employees. If you have a passion, they will give you that opportunity to grow.   My…

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