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Towana’s Story

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Towana felt debilitated by a stuffy nose, headaches and trips to the doctor. Now, she’s back on her feet and breathing better. Here’s her story: “I was having a lot of sinus issues. It would sometimes debilitate me. I felt like I had the flu or something; my whole body would shut down. I wouldn’t…

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Luci’s Story

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Luci was missing work due to chronic sinus infections. Here’s her story and how she is spending her time off from work now: “I came to ADVENT because I was having chronic sinus infections. People were super friendly to me and really nice and kind. They explained everything to me. I could do it right…

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Ivan’s Story

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Ivan struggled with snoring his entire adult life. Here’s his story and how he transformed the lives of everyone around him: “I suffered from snoring pretty much my whole adult life, and the last probably 10 years has gotten to where I was stopping breathing and really scaring my wife and keeping other people in…

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Chronic Sinus Issues: When the Doctor Becomes the Patient

A personal story of chronic sinus issues from ADVENT President and Founder, Madan Kandula, MD We all have our reasons for not taking care of something like ongoing nasal problems and sinusitis—it’s inconvenient, it’s scary, it’s not bad enough yet—and I’m no different. But finally, in the spring of 2011, I reached the point where…

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3 Places You Should Think About Hearing Protection

  We all know we need to wear hearing protection when doing things like cutting the lawn, blowing snow, or using our power tools, but there are many regular activities that too many of us overlook. As a mother of three, in addition to being an Audiologist, ADVENT co-founder Dr. Gwen Kandula is too familiar…

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