The Breathing Triangle®: ADVENT’S Exclusive Focus

Do you know which area of your body allows you to breathe? The lungs may seem like the obvious answer, but it’s the 3 areas that connect your airways.
The Breathing Triangle® ADVENT's Exclusive Focus 2021
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January 28, 2021
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April 25, 2022

Do you know which area of your entire body allows you to breathe?

The lungs may seem like the obvious answer, however, it's actually the three areas that connect your airway together: your two nostrils and the back of your throat. At ADVENT, we refer to this area as your Breathing Triangle®. Most people don't know that this triangle is a connected entity. And when one or more of these holes is not working properly, it can drastically diminish your quality of life and negatively impact your health.

Oftentimes, people with snoring or sleep apnea issues will find themselves at a sleep center that only provides one solution - a CPAP machine. While a CPAP may work for some, it can't work if the Breathing Triangle® isn't working as a whole.

At ADVENT we are the first of our kind, focusing exclusively on the Breathing Triangle® and our proven process of identifying the issues in this area and providing long-lasting solutions.

Symptoms may go beyond snoring or the declining quality of your sleep. Issues with your nose can cause headaches, drainage, or difficulty breathing. You may also experience frequent sinus infections or struggle with allergies.

The Breathing Triangle® needs to be addressed in its entirety. If only one element of it is being treated at a time, you're just creating temporary solutions by putting a bandage on the whole problem, rather than tackling the real root of your issues.

ADVENT is the only medical practice that focuses exclusively on the Breathing Triangle®, treating it comprehensively, having a much greater impact and more successful results. Our proven process begins with truly listening to you, to better understand what you're experiencing and diagnosing why it's happening. We then create a treatment plan, designed specifically for you. We have many options to treat Breathing Triangle® issues and most are office-based, so we can get you moving on with your life.

The Breathing Triangle® is a simple and elegant concept that we focus on exclusively so that we can provide you relief with your sleep and sinus struggles. And because this is our specialty, the impact has been massively profound for more than 30,000 of our happy patients.

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First published by ADVENT on
January 28, 2021
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The Breathing Triangle®: ADVENT’S Exclusive Focus