Restful Nights
Productive days.


Whether you or your partner experience snoring, sleep apnea or a CPAP mask that doesn't work like it should, aspects of your lives suffer — relationships, work, energy level.

You don't have to give up a good night's rest any longer. ADVENT's simple, in-office snoring and sleep apnea solutions are innovative and highly effective, requiring little, if any, down time for recovery. You can find real relief in a few steps.

You Have to Breathe Right to Sleep Right

First, we listen to understand what you’ve been through. Then, we evaluate your concerns using the best technology and create a customized treatment plan unique to your needs. We quickly discover the root of your concerns and provide real relief through long-term solutions.

Step 1


Evaluation of The Breathing Triangle® is critical to treating snoring and sleep apnea as these result from  nose and throat issues.  At your first visit, we’ll examine your nose and throat with a tiny, lighted camera.

Step 2

sleep study icon

Conveniently worn for one night, we may request an at-home sleep study to evaluate snoring and oxygen
levels to detect sleep apnea.

Step 3


To further assess the root cause of your problem you will receive an in-office CT scan. A board-certified physician will immediately review the results with you and discuss how ADVENT can alleviate any nasal obstructions that may be causing your snoring or sleep apnea.

Step 4


Simple solutions treat your nasal airways, which may also reduce excessive snoring.

Step 5


Once the nasal passageways are open, if necessary, we will discuss further treatment options for snoring and sleep apnea, including at-home medical management and simple in-office procedures.

“Friends and family would say…what are you on right now?  I would just say I’m on sleep, I’m awake, I’ve got all this energy. And it’s an amazing thing. And it’s every day.”


Take the first step to improving your life.