Your best life.


If you find yourself living in the pharmacy aisle, dealing with chronic sinus infections, constant nasal congestion, or only breathe through your mouth, your nose isn’t working like it should.

You deserve easy breathing, without trouble or thought. At ADVENT, we don’t believe in temporary fixes, so we pioneered simple in-office solutions to get you back to breathing and living like you should in a few steps.

It Takes Three to Breathe

Step 1


Evaluation of The Breathing Triangle™ is critical to determine your proper care plan.  At your first visit, we’ll examine your nose and throat with a tiny, lighted camera.

Step 2


To further assess the root cause you will receive an in-office CT scan. A board-certified physician will immediately review the results with you and discuss how ADVENT can alleviate your sinus and stuffy nose concerns.

Step 3


Simple solutions treat your root cause and open blocked nasal and sinus passageways to help restore proper drainage and improved air flow.

Take the first step to improving your life.