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The Breathing Triangle®

The Breathing Triangle®

There are only three passages in your body from which you can breathe. Two are in your nose, and the other is in your throat. They create what is commonly referred to as The Breathing Triangle® and when even one of the passages of your breathing triangle is not functioning correctly, serious issues like chronic sinus congestion, snoring, or sleep apnea can develop.


ADVENT understands these issues' impact on your daily life, which is why we focus exclusively on solving problems within The Breathing Triangle® with simple in-office solutions.

 Why The Breathing Triangle® Matters

ADVENT is the only practice of its kind to offer a full evaluation of your breathing triangle - assuring we find the root of your problem.

Signs of Breathing Triangle Issues



You keep your partner up at night with snoring

mouth breathing

Mouth Breathing

Your mouth is for eating, never for breathing

sinus infections

Sinus Infections

You are stuck in a cycle of pills and sprays that only provide temporary relief

night time congestion

Nightly Congestion

You rotate from side to side throughout the night

pillow drool

Pillow Drool

You wake up with drool on your pillow

Whether it’s your nasal passages that aren’t allowing you to breathe freely or your throat that’s hindering your ability to sleep well, ADVENT has every leading simple solution to restore your nasal breathing, get you back to sleeping normally again and allow you to get back to the life you were meant to live.

Breathing Triangle Solutions Near You:

A Specialized ENT Doctor Experience

We listen and understand your frustration from prior ineffective treatment. Here's what to expect at ADVENT:

  1. A solutions driven experience - never band-aids that provide you temporary relief. 
  2. A proper evaluation of The Breathing Triangle®. ADVENT specializes in nose and throat issues.
  3. A proven process. ADVENT developed The Patient Journey™ to reach simple, efficient solutions to your nose, sinus, snoring and/or sleep apnea concerns.

Take the first step to improving your life.

Is your nose working the way it's supposed to?

Take The Breathing Triangle® Quiz to find out: