Rachel's Story: One-Size Does NOT Fit All When It Comes To Snoring & Sleep Apnea Relief

Rachel snored most of her adult life, but didn't realize how severe it was. She finally decided to do something about it. Here's her story...
ADVENT Testimonial - Rachel
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January 21, 2021
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August 20, 2021

Many people accept one-size-fits-all options when it comes to their health. This is because they've never been shown another way. The good news is, you don't have to settle anymore.

Meet Rachel. Someone who - maybe just like you - had spent most of her adult life with a snoring problem. But again, like most people, just wrote it off as something she just had to deal with.

It wasn't until a trip with a friend in 2014 when she finally decided to take action. During the night, Rachel's friend would wake her up because of the way she violently gasped for air in her sleep. Her friend was terrified because her snoring and gasping for air was so alarming. This is when she truly realized the severity of her issue.

Like many people, she went to a sleep clinic for help. They immediately gave her a CPAP. And as she struggled to adapt this new machine to her bedroom and as part of her nightly routine, she was handed more criticism than constructive direction on how to get used to this intrusive contraption.

That sleep clinic made her feel that the failure and challenges rested squarely on her. This guilt and burden boiled into frustration. Like it or not, this new device was part of her life now, and essentially, she had to deal with it or continue to put her health on the line.

"They immediately gave me a CPAP and said...this is what you're going to have to use for the rest of your life now."

But Rachel refused to give, or let this clinic dictate the quality of her life. So sought out alternative options.

When discovering ADVENT, she was intrigued by the promise to explore different paths towards achieving her sleep and breathing goals.

It wasn't until her first visit with an ADVENT sleep specialist that someone actually took a look at her anatomy to begin to figure out the causes of her snoring. And it was then she was asked about her long-term goals for success.

It was then, with Rachel's own desired outcomes combined with an actual medical diagnosis, she was shown her options - that put her in charge of her own wellness.

Even after hitting a road bump with insurance, Rachel continued to put her faith in ADVENT because of a dedicated insurance liaison who was able to again navigate next steps.

Since her procedure, she no longer has to deal with the things happening in her life that she had otherwise accepted as normal patterns - things like falling asleep while watching movies with her family or nodding off after lunch.

"We did another sleep study about two months afterward. And it came back that I do not have sleep apnea...I believe I'm cured."

Her quality of life has improved all because someone took the time to understand what her long-term goals were for her own health.

Making your health a priority is a choice only you can make for yourself. And know that solutions go beyond the same mainstream "off the shelf" options sleep clinics may throw your way.

There are options out there for you to find the relief you're so desperately searching for.

You have options...
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First published by ADVENT on
January 21, 2021
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Rachel's Story: One-Size Does NOT Fit All When It Comes To Snoring & Sleep Apnea Relief