Your Body’s Cry For Help

It happens in millions of beds every single night...
your body is crying for help.

Hey, Dr. Kandula with ADVENT, today talking about a cry for help that you likely are ignoring, which sounds kind of strange, but it happens all the time. It happens every night in almost every bed around this country...which is really snoring.

Snoring, which gets kind of made light of, many times can be very serious. At its core, what snoring is, is somebody's airway vibrating as it's collapsing towards shutting down. Your airway is the most important thing for life. It's the most fundamental thing that there is. If you cannot breathe, you cannot live. For many folks, they clench their jaws, they grind their teeth, they're really doing everything in their power to breathe.

And so, the by-product of somebody snoring and stopping breathing at night is that high blood pressure, the heart rate that's up, the anxiety that's there, the jaw clenching, all those things that are happening when you're sleeping at night start happening during the day because your body doesn't know when it needs to fight and when it can relax. And what it knows is it can never relax. There's never a time that you can kind of let your guard down. It's really horrible if it's happening night after night, it builds up momentum. It is really taking away the vitality and the life that you have today. And it is also shedding years from the life that you're supposed to have down the road.

Now, the challenge is, because you're sleeping, there might not be anybody around you, so how do you know what's happening? That can be challenging. But again, sometimes, and I think unfortunately what's happened is people don't understand really how important it is to seek attention for these issues. So, your airway crying for help is something that you should listen to. You should do something about it. If somebody's airway is crying when they're sleeping at night, the way to answer that cry is to open somebody's airway, make sure their airway is open when they're breathing at night.

Again, the nice thing is, once we understand what's going on, there are many easy solutions that can keep somebody's airway open when they're sleeping at night. So take that snore and eliminate it by opening the passageways. That's what your body's crying for. So if your body had a proper airway, when you were sleeping at night, it wouldn't be making those sounds. And that's really our goal, is to make sure your airway is functional, your airway is helping you versus hurting you and you can get the sleep that your body is really fighting for.

If your body is crying for help, if you know somebody whose body is crying for help answer that cry by taking action. It's really important. There's no reason to put up with that fight happening night after night, you can really fight back and we can help you do that.

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