Beating Sleep Apnea: Justin’s Story

Justin had no energy. He couldn't stay awake during the day, and was nodding off in the evenings. But this wasn’t the only sign of sleep apnea...
Patient Testimonial - Justin
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May 19, 2021
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July 30, 2021

Justin had no energy. He was always exhausted. He was having trouble staying awake during his workday...and nodding off in the evenings while spending time with his family.

The symptoms of sleep apnea were putting a damper on his life...

But this wasn't Justin's only warning sign of sleep apnea. Beyond his excessive daytime sleepiness, his loud snoring was keeping his wife awake. He eventually found himself sleeping on the couch regularly because she couldn't handle it anymore.

Justin knew he needed to seek out some help, so he went to see his doctor. But he was given the same one-size-fits all approach most doctors deliver when it comes to sleep apnea.

Just like so many failed patients before him, Justin was brushed off and sent away to get a sleep study which resulted in being prescribed a CPAP.

Unfortunately, Justin's story is not unique. In fact, it is the most common scenario we hear from patients. The trouble is, obstructive sleep apnea, OSA, is so common yet so few physicians empathize with their patients who are battling the signs and symptoms of sleep apnea.

Of course, the CPAP wasn't working for Justin. He'd go back to his provider to tell them about his struggles and frustrations with his CPAP. He'd plea for help and ask about better snoring remedies, but all they would do is simply increase the pressure on his CPAP mask. After still no success, they eventually recommended he explore new sleep apnea mask options and upgraded him to a BiPAP. With absolutely no improvement, and even more misery.

In fact, because they weren't addressing the underlying cause of his snoring and severe sleep apnea symptoms, he continued to feel his quality of life slowly being chipped away. He knew every time he stopped breathing in his sleep, he risked irreversible damage to his health.

Everything began to change when Justin chose to level up and visit ADVENT. He noticed right away the improved experience when he was greeted by a staff who was able to examine him and identify his underlying issues upon his first visit. His first sign of relief...and hope...came when he received an actual diagnosis of the root cause of his problem and a plan of action.

His individualized treatment plan included balloon sinuplasty. During this procedure, a small, flexible sinus balloon catheter is used to open blocked sinus passageways to restore normal sinus drainage. Recovery is quick and patients can typically return to normal activity the very next day.

Since his balloon sinuplasty and completed treatment, Justin has the energy he once had. He can stay awake during the day and in the evening to spend quality time with his family. And when it's time for sleep, his nights are finally restful. He's been able to return to sleeping in bed with his wife because his snoring is no longer an issue.

Because of his trip to ADVENT and his life-changing, in-office procedure, Justin is able to enjoy his days feeling refreshed, energized - and awake!

First published by ADVENT on
May 19, 2021
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Beating Sleep Apnea: Justin’s Story