Put Up Your Dukes: Fight Snoring and Take Back Your Sleep

Dr. Kandula with ADVENT, talking about a cry for help that you likely are ignoring, which sounds kind of strange, but it happens all the time.
ADVENT Your Body's Cry For Help
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Published on
November 12, 2020
Updated on
January 6, 2021

It happens in millions of beds every single night...
your body is crying for help.

Snoring has been a frequent sitcom storyline for decades. It's part of the narrative for many marriages, and often the punchline to a witty joke.

While we all may easily make light of it, it can be quite serious. Do you know what snoring means, why snoring happens, or what snoring says about your health?

At its core, snoring is your airway vibrating as it's collapsing towards shutting down. It's essentially your body crying for help.

In your sleep, while this happens, your body responds and reacts in other ways as your airway fights for air. You may clench your jaw. You may grind your teeth. And you likely will begin to experience these symptoms into the daytime as they build up momentum because your body doesn't know when it can relax.

Even more troubling, these characteristics of frequent snoring can affect your heart. As your body continues to fight for oxygen, night after night, you'll be faced with high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and even anxiety.

Your airways are a complex and fundamental system. Simply put, their job is to deliver air to your lungs - if you cannot breathe, you cannot live. Sleep apnea and the effects of snoring take away your vitality and shed years off the life you are meant to live down the road.

This cry for help from your body needs attention. If you or someone you care about suffers from these symptoms, it's time to take action. And there's no reason you have to continue putting up with this fight on your own.

We can help you fight back - and win.

Our goal is to make sure your airway is functional. Through our simple at-home testing and our pioneering office-based procedures, we can treat the root cause of your snoring and help you take back your sleep.

First published by ADVENT on
November 12, 2020
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Put Up Your Dukes: Fight Snoring and Take Back Your Sleep