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Athlete Highlight: Andy’s Story

Andy wasn't breathing well and stuck in a cycle of temporary fixes and pharmacy visits. See how this athlete got ahead of the game.

"My name's Andy. Athlete.


I'm a late 40-year-old guy that's just trying to stay healthy. Now, I'm not anything fast, but just keep on chugging along.


I've always have a stuffy nose, congestion, sinus headaches; it was just a continuous everyday occurrence. I had breathing problems; I was on nose strips; I was snoring. Just constant misery.


We would end up stopping off at the local drug store if I didn't have nasal spray with me because I couldn't live without it. It was an everyday occurrence.


There was advertising on the radio and I heard people talking about them and saying it such a simple and easy procedure- in and out- and I decided, hey, decided to do it and it's the best thing I ever did. The procedure was 20 minutes at the most. We went in there and sat in a chair They numbed up your nose. They put, like, a little tube up your nose. It blew up as in a balloon and you heard a little cracking, a little popping. There was no pain and the next thing you knew it you were going home.


It was the easiest thing I've ever done.


Recovery time was, well- I think I had my procedure done on a Monday. I was back to work on Tuesday. I went to the gym Tuesday afternoon. The recovery time was really no time at all. I'm running faster. I'm just able to live life."

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