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Don’t Fret…Allergy Season Is Here!

Allergy Sufferer

Aren’t you just sick of seeing those generic allergy medication commercials?


You know the ones. They usually show a man sniffling and sneezy, some animated flowers or bugs bringing pollen through the window, their nostrils cartoonishly enlarged and bright red.

And that’s not even the ridiculous part. What’s most hard to believe is the relief that’s being promised from yet another new drug. And let's not forget about that absurdly long list of side effects that they all seem to have. Side effects that sound worse than your congestion, stuffed-up nose, itchy, watery eyes, sinus headaches, and runny nose put together! But miraculously, suddenly all things start to look up — the bees and the flowers become your friend — and the allergies just, poof, disappear.

Except that this is just another temporary solution. Your allergies are somewhat subdued, but they don’t go away altogether.

Here's the thing, no two allergy sufferers are alike. Everyone has differing levels of severity and different things that trigger the sniffling, dripping, stuffiness, and misery.

But, they're always in one of two categories...

First, there’s the leaky faucet type:


You have the itchy, sneezy, sniffy, drippy nose that’s red and sore and won't seem to turn off.

Then there’s the plugged-up, mouth-breather type:

You have the stuffed-up nose that makes it hard to breathe, hard to talk, and hard to smell just about anything.

Each is usually paired with watery eyes, scratchy throat, painful sinus cavities, and headaches.

Every allergy season the drug companies will continue to pitch you a pill or a nasal spray that, at best, gives you temporary relief. This means you'll be coming back for more as you make your weekly trips to the pharmacy.

And the kicker is that these weekly jaunts to the pharmacy can get expensive...and these medications only mask the symptoms. They don’t solve the root causes of your congestion or drippy nose.

Rest assured, you have options. An easy 20-minute in-office balloon sinuplasty procedure can simply and safely expand your nasal passages allowing you to breathe freely.

Or, if you fall into the nose running like a faucet camp, Nasal cryotherapy can reset the nerve that’s causing the sneezy, itchy, runny nose problems - in office – in a matter of minutes. It's just like re-starting your computer when it's on the fritz. And for almost all people, once it's reset it's back to normal operation.

You will continue to suffer from yearly, seasonal allergies until you get to the root of the issue. And even though the big pharmaceutical companies will try to tell you the bees and flowers are your enemies, the problem really lies in your sinuses. And there are simple in-office solutions to solve your allergy woes.

Stop Being Bogged Down By Your Allergies...

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