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Andy’s Sinus Journey to Breathing Better


  • CT Scan & Treatment Plan: While examining his anatomy, Dr. Handler explained his primary issues reside within the areas along the sidewalls of the airways... Watch Now >>>


  • A "Broken" Nose Mended: During his procedure, his ADVENT Sinus and Sleep Surgeon Dr. Handler expertly navigated Andy’s nasal passages and gave him the play-by-play. He narrated the entire event as he... Watch Now >>>


  • 1 Week & 3 Week Follow Up: “It was reassuring to see where I was at compared to where I was supposed to be, and that what I was going through was completely normal..." Watch Now >>>


  • 6 Week Follow Up: It’s been 6 weeks since Andy’s balloon sinuplasty and turbinate reduction and he’s visiting the ADVENT office for another follow-up appointment. “I played quite a bit of volleyball last week, and at no point did I have to stop to catch my breath. That’s basically the first time that’s ever happened in my life...” Watch Now >>>


  • 12 Week Follow Up: It’s been 12 weeks since Andy underwent a balloon sinuplasty and turbinate reduction at an ADVENT clinic. And it’s the day he’s handed a clean bill of health. At this visit, Andy has a final scan and an exam with Dr. Handler who walks him through his results by sharing before and after imaging of his airways... Watch Now >>>

ADVENT Knows When You Breathe Well, You Live Better