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Andy’s Journey To Breathing Better: 1 Week & 3 Week Follow Up

“It was reassuring to see where I was at compared to where I was supposed to be, and that what I was going through was completely normal.”

At Andy’s 1-week follow up, following his turbinate enlargement and Balloon Sinuplasty, he was feeling confident about his progress and the results he was already experiencing.

1-Week Follow Up

While meeting with ADVENT Physician Assistant Molly, Andy discussed his healing and provided updates on what he had been experiencing in those first seven days.

During this quick check in, he got an even better understanding of what to expect next. He received additional exams and treatments to help the healing process along — things like scab removal and suctioning out the congestion. Not pretty nor entirely enjoyable, yet they get the job done. And they’re necessary to ensure things inside his nose heal quickly and properly.

By the time he and Molly parted ways, he was feeling good, and reassured that things were right on track.

“In another 3 weeks, you should be noticing big improvements.” Molly informed him, encouragingly, reminding him to continue with his at-home care and rinses.

3-Week Follow Up

“So far my journey at ADVENT has been great. Everything has been laid out clearly as far as what I’m up against.

After three weeks, Andy observed he had been sleeping better and wasn’t waking up in the middle of the night anymore. And he was no longer starting his day with a headache or a dry mouth.

Again he learned he was progressing and healing just as expected. He could really feel things opening up.

As Molly performed more of the standard cleaning up inside his healing nose, Andy thought to himself, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

The important thing is Andy made the choice now, and now he can breathe well for the rest of his life.

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