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Andy’s Journey To Breathing Better: 6 Week Follow Up

“Since the procedure I've noticed a huge difference in my
ability to breathe.”

It’s been 6 weeks since Andy’s balloon sinuplasty and turbinate reduction and he’s visiting the ADVENT office for another follow-up appointment.

“I played quite a bit of volleyball last week, and at no point did I have to stop to catch my breath. That’s basically the first time that’s ever happened in my life.”

In addition to this good news, Andy reported on more big wins that are changing his life:

  • No pain, no pressure.
  • Getting the best sleep of his life.
  • No more dependency on pain relievers in the morning.
  • Waking up ready to take on the day.
  • No afternoon crash from a lack of restful sleep.

Even his partner has observed that Andy is breathing through his nose while he sleeps, giving her a better night’s rest, too.

After just four weeks, Andy was already noticing an improvement in his work day. He was sitting down at his desk less, able to keep up without getting winded. He’s feeling more energized and active.

The Half-Way Point: What’s Next?

While still in the healing process, Andy continues to use the rinses and practices mindfully breathing through his nose in order to retrain his body and his brain.

“I’m only six weeks post-op, and I’m already seeing all of these improvements and there’s still more ground to gain ... This has been 100% worth it.”

Coming up next: Andy’s final follow-up and the results of his life-changing experience with ADVENT!

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