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Pratik Patel, MD

Nice to Meet You

"Breathing is something we take for granted and it’s at the core to everything we do as humans. I am proud to spend my time providing individuals the best possible outcome for their Breathing Triangle problems and significantly impacting lives."

My name is Dr. Pratik Patel, and I am a Sinus and Sleep Surgeon at ADVENT. My passion for medicine started in my childhood. I gravitated toward the sciences, and I felt joy in helping people, which translated perfectly into a career in medicine. During my training, I continually gravitated toward Otolaryngology (ENT) for its breadth and fascinating anatomy, giving surgeons the ability to diagnose and treat a myriad of issues. I am most satisfied when the interventions we propose based on a patient’s unique concerns, anatomy, and diagnostic studies greatly improve their lives.

I chose to practice at ADVENT because we are well-equipped to provide nearly everything our patients need in our clinics. By having a narrow focus within ENT, we can provide high-quality and efficient care that fits patients’ overall needs.

My philosophy is to treat each patient and their family as I would my own. I strive to make you feel heard and comfortable throughout your journey with us. At the same time, I want to wield my specialized skills and knowledge to give you as many options as possible for treatment. Together, we will make empowered decisions about your health. Our entire staff is here to help you, streamline your experience, work with your schedule, and get you feeling better. My goal is to get you back to spending time doing what you love without the frustrations of nasal breathing problems or sleep issues.

How I Can Help

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"I went to ENT's for years and they did very little to help my sinus issues. They just prescribed nasal sprays for years, one after another. Advent was great. All appointments were very detailed and informative. They spend a lot of time looking into my sinus problems. My breathing is so much better but not perfect after my procedure. I will take the improvement they gave me any day over the ENT doctors I saw before."
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This place has literally changed my life. I have been a lifelong sufferer of sinus problems. Through the years, I have tried multiple over the counter remedies, seen several ENT specialists, and had a majorly invasive sinus surgery. None of it has ever really helped, and the surgery made it worse. I went to ADVENT...and I'm breathing more clearly than I ever thought possible. They truly delivered significant results. I am and will forever be grateful for the major improvement in the quality of my life.
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This is a 1-stop-shop for issues dealing with those miserable nose, sinus and throat and breathing issues with lots of solutions and info to make an informed choice. Don’t waste your money on "a" specialist when it's all here under one roof and very reasonable cost wise. All we know is to go to Sleep centers that will slap miserable CPAP machines on you which only help with sleep disorders. Allergists give you sprays. Helpful....but ADVENT addresses several areas of sinus-nose-throat concerns. My Family member was given a Balloon Sinoplasty because sinuses were in bad shape from all previous nonsense and chronic drowning in mucus. He back at work next day with mild discomfort for 2 days. Major improvements! Was told if this didnt help as much as hoped, other things could be assessed. Very nice staff. Terrific follow up aftercare and support all along the way. very professional.
Pratik Patel, MD

My Qualifications

American Board of Otolaryngology


Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
Ronald Regan UCLA Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA


Doctor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA


University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Licensed Physician:

State of Illinois and Indiana


American Academy of Otolaryngology


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Pratik Patel, MD

More About Me

When I am not in the clinic, I spend my time with family and friends exploring the Chicago food scene. I enjoy spending time outdoors whether it is on a mountain or relaxing at the beach. My travels have even taken me bungee jumping in Zimbabwe over Victoria Falls!

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